30 June 2013


(Wearing: Lip Service tee + Zara skirt + Jeffrey Campbell boots + Helmut Lang bag + Ray Bans)

Business on the bottom...AND party on top!
I've been shooting so much while i've been here and am feeling so inspired by the SoCal lifestyle. Sadly, i've been quite a bit behind with posting mainly due to spontaneous adventures up and down the coast.

Since i've been splitting half my time in between my fave loft in DTLA & a sleepy beach oasis in Venice, I'd have to say his shirt is CLEARLY a silent expression of how I feel when i'm trapped in between the concrete walls of downtown for too long. 

Oh, LA.


21 June 2013

Corral Canyon Beach

(Wearing: C&C button-up + AA shorts + BDG sneakers + Blonde Omen DIY jacket + Ray Bans)

Perfect days are a dime a dozen in this city.
Spent all day at the beach with tunes, music, friends, & mother earth.
Couldn't ask for summer to be more perfect at the moment. 
Soaking up EVERY moment possible and filling my head with beautiful imagery.


20 June 2013

Palm Trees in Paradise

(Wearing: gifted Blonde Omen jacket + AA shorts + Ray Ban sunglasses)

Some of my necessary beach essentials including my trusty Helmut Lang shoulder bag, new absolute favorite DIY spray painted denim jacket from my girl Hannah's label in Austin, and clear PVC jellies! 

More on this look tomorrow!


18 June 2013

Lonely Pond

(Wearing: Zara blazer + J Perse tank + Insight shorts + Posso spats + Prada collar as belt + vintage hat)

Looks have been so simple lately due to the perfect summer settings the last week or so in LA. I'm relying heavily on accessories to spice up my "more minimalist then usual" current style. Instead of buying new things, i'm falling back in love with past pieces in my closet. Randomly found this gem of a collar from Prada at a secondhand store in the city the SEASON after it showed for maybe $12 a few years back. I asked the man more then once if that was the right price, I think he may of actually thought he'd went too high, when in reality it was a major steal! I dont wear it much but decided to put some use to it while i'm vacationing, along with my spats from 2008! I try and completely reorganize my closet a few times a year so I can remember everything I have!

**Works like a charm when i'm getting bored with my wardrobe.


14 June 2013

Space 1520

 (Wearing: OAK torque, Eugenia Kim hat, H&M bag, JC boots, vintage shorts, vest, & necklace)

LA is all about conventional dressing. If you love fashion as much as I do, you tend to have conflicts over wearability. Day wear vs night wear. Street wear vs floating art. It tends to all run together after awhile, and you find some happy medium that comes out looking like this. But don't worry, it translates just fine. When in California, all must own a great pair of boots. These are from quite a few years ago (one of my first pairs of Jeffrey Campbells, from my young fashion days). Honestly, I'm not a huge collector of his, but these have stood tall through many shoe break in's and wear out's and still manage to look amazing! I love the height and the overall disheveled edge given to a traditonal Victorian classic. Added in a striped top & leather shorts and i'm out the door for another day. Spent the afternoon shopping around Space 1520 in Hollywood and had a nice lunch on the rooftop at the London Hotel. Slowly but surely getting reacquainted with  the West Coast...once again!

Always remember:
Half the part of looking good, is feeling good. 


12 June 2013

June Blooms

 Freshly picked palm leaves from around LA + Eugenia Kim "Kurt" fedora

I'm happily residing in SoCal for the month, and it couldn't be better. 
Endless sun, beautiful surf, palm tree painted sunsets, and easy dressing is the key to my happiness.



05 June 2013

Perfect Raincoat, Stormy Spring

 (Wearing: Alexander Wang jacket, bag, & trousers + H&M top + Zana Bayne harness + MM6 belt + Ray Ban sunglasses)

Last week, I attended one of my favorite pre kick off to summer party collectives of the season, POP SOUK. If you're not in NY, it's a downtown based artist based shopping experience including all the major fixtures of the nightlife scene from designers, to milliners, to artists, to just amazing vintage resellers. It's always an amazing turn out, and a crazy rain storm proved it didn't stop anyone this year as well! I trekked through the streets and could only manage to snap a few photos of what I wore - the wind was getting unbearable! I paired my FAVORITE Wang jacket with his signature trousers. I can't go anywhere in this top without someone stopping me commenting on my accessory from Star Trek. I love the big buttons and cape-ish silhouette. It's perfect for rainy, muggy days here when a full length trench is just TOO much of a commitment..

Luckily, I was able to escape the constant moody weather in the big city for a month in sunny California! After a ridiculous chain of events involving my flight out of JFK and several cancellations, I finally made it to LA on Sunday morning and i've been doing EVERYTHING I love the last couple of days. Juicing every morning, hiking, beaching, and of course..shopping! 

***Be prepared for my abundance of tropical posts that i'll be blogging all month long!