30 May 2013

Earth Tones

(Wearing: Stone Morris matching set + DSTM gauntlets + Artifacts necklace + Ray Ban sunglasses)

Stepped away from my predictable all dark looks to try out some neutrals for a change earlier this week. I love this matching top & skirt. It looks great together or paired with seperates!

 It's officially too warm to wear this now in NY. Mother Nature somehow managed to bypass spring and jump right into 90 degree weather. So glad i'm packing for California. I'll be there the entire month of June. 

Be prepared for lots of bare skin & sun soaked posts. 

I'm heading back to paradise!


24 May 2013

Friday Frills

(Wearing: Eyglo blouse + DSTM skort + Fathom and Form rings + YVY collar + Ray Ban sunglasses + Zara boots)

 Another day, another look, another amazing piece by Dont Shoot the Messengers. If you've been keeping up with this blog for awhile, i'm sure you've noticed the amount of leg I show. It's my favorite asset so I definitely like to use it to my advantage when the weather deems possible (IMPOSSIBLE NY elements). I used to own nothing but pants, but after one major purchase, I slowly began my unhealthy hoarding obsession of scantily clad bottoms - mostly skirts in everything from lace to leather. 

Now, more about this look... I've slowly started to fall in love with this brand, especially for the current season! They're eye for cuts and shapes are simply amazing! I'd say they are experts at giving their garments a sense of fluidity (which makes for a beautiful silhouette). I paired it with a silk Eyglo blouse & Fathom and Form silver rings. Also added in a YVY leather collar last minute to give this look that extra frill for my evening plans! 

Simplicity wins again..


23 May 2013

The Little Dot Dress

(Wearing: Vintage leather + Genevieve Clifford dress + Chromat body & bra net + Zara boots + Ray Ban sunglasses)

The second I saw this bold printed piece hanging in the window, it was love at first sight. Everyone dreams of a perfect "little black dress". Well in this case, a "little polka dot dress" which by the way, dubs ultra soft silk and a beautiful drape creeping down your spine. I felt like I was floating in clouds while walking down the street in this look. It's an irreplaceable feeling, for sure. I tried a little experimenting with this Chromat body superstructure net, which gave me a defined shape and a little something extra to look at! Accessories can make or break an outfit. But in this case, I think the dress serves it's purpose either way. I'm sure you'll notice the play by play of photos as I started with the entire outfit with all the bells and whistles, and slowly dressed it down.

Confidence is the number one key to personal style. 
If you don't feel comfortable in an outfit, it shows.
When you feel amazing, you look amazing!


22 May 2013

Black & Beautiful

(Wearing: Shadow Connected blazer + Dont Shoot the Messengers dress + Artifacts choker + Ray Ban sunglasses + Zara boots)

Simple dressing with MAJOR pieces has been the easiest way to describe my style in recent months. I paired this Shadow Connected sleeveless blazer over my favorite Dont Shoot the Messengers silk dress from EVA New York to go to lunch the other day in SoHo! Something inside me craved to wear this at 2pm downtown, instead of a late night party crawl like i'm sure it was intended for! Regardless, it's sensible and chic! I love the basket woven leather over the bust + the back (which is a hidden gem in itself). With a creeping backline and beautiful silhouette, it'll keep anyone's attention! Kept it simple on the jewelry side of things so I didn't overcompensate for the entire look, and just went for this large gold plated choker. It has a CLEOPATRA feel for sure. 

I kinda love it..


20 May 2013


(Daniel Palillo oversized sweater)

I had the opportunity to catch up with my little family over at EVA New York boutique on Lower Bowery before I left for my trip South a few weeks ago. I love coming in and trying out the new pieces they have in store every season, especially since they're a great go-to for those special items everyone must have in their closet. With a range from one of a kind pieces to your perfect basics from many contemporary NY based brands and abroad! It's definitely a one stop shop for all your fashionable requests. I put together a few looks while I was there for spring including the new additions from the SS13 collections! I decided to play around with a few"styles"of dressing to accommodate any type of shopper..

*Racks on racks on racks, of amazing brands at their boutique in SoHo

(All pieces available at EVA: 355A Bowery St, NY, NY)

For the wild child gal who is always pushing the limits. She's not afraid to try much, and the crazier the better. She'd look perfect in this Stone Morris matching set! I love the print on print action, especially in these moody earth tones. I paired it heavily with the eye-POPPING accessories - leather gauntlets from Dont Shoot the Messenger, and this kick ass shark tooth pendant on a chain to be exact!

(Stone Morris top & maxi, DSTM leather gauntlets, Artifacts shark pendant)

She's the cookie cutter girl to bring home to your mother. A lover of fashion, but on a flirty, girly scale. You wont find biker jackets and leather studded pants in this lady's closet. Pretty trimmed skirts and collared blouses are the name of her game. In this case, a leather detachable collar to add that extra feminine touch to any lovely get up. 

(YVY leather collar + Eyglo blouse + DSTM skirt)

This chick is anything but ordinary, wild prints and bright hues are her favorites. She's a diva in a different sense. She's particular about her music and interests. Fashion is her dominant side. She wears what she loves, not a follower of trends. Like a chameleon, she's always changing. This hand dyed print maxi is first on my list. I love the mixture of mediums all over. And it's so comfortable! The harnesses give it a little edge, but are so necessary in nude. You could dress it up like this, or keep it simple with all black. Whatever works for ya!

(YVY harness(es) + Haryn Holding bag + Norblack Norwhite maxi dress)

She's a fireball full of energy and the talk of the town. Always on the go, and never a surprise when she's wearing a night look at 2 in the afternoon on the way to lunch. She loves to play with styles and try things out, but always has her quirky spin on it. The polka dotted tunic dress is perfect for a day in the city. The Chromat superstructure net gives the body definition with this shapeless number and adds a little bit of edge  to any outfit! Catch her running the scene during fashion week in her straight off the runway looks! WERK!

(Chromat body & bra net + Genevieve Clifford dress)

She's always on a tight schedule, and barely has time to worry about her home life much less whats currently in her closet. Black is her best friend, and she's very hard to break in this department.  With an important image to uphold, this chic, yet conscious look is always ideal. You can never go wrong with a basic black dress. This one is a bit fancier, with the basket woven leather accents on the bust. It's a little more of an evening-ish, so to keep it casual I added a sleeveless blazer for the work place and a simple gold plated choker for jewelry. 

Fashion Forward. Practical. Perfection.

(Artifacts gold choker + Shadow Connected sleeveless blazer + DSTM dress)

I'll be posting up close details of each look all through out this week!
***For the next 3 days, use the code GUILTYANDGLAMOROUS at check out for 10% off any selected items!



19 May 2013

Acid Print

Photos by Miguel Rodriguez
( Wearing: vintage leather jacket + bra top, H&M crop top + sunglasses + harem pants, Zara boots)

Happy Sunday everyone!

It's a gloomy day here in NYC, but i'm on my way to Pop Souk being held at the Biergartens at the Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking! Cant wait to see what the downtown collective has in store for everyone this year! This is usually my favorite pre-kick off event of the summer, but you can't really tell with it being 50 degrees, and overcast with rain! 

Wore this outfit yesterday to grab lunch with a friend in Soho. I love incorporating lots of texture into my outfits. The lace, under the mesh top, under the leather gives such a nice layering effect. As far as i'm concerned, these are the most comfortable pants i've ever worn. You can wear them high waisted with a belt, or sag them around your hips to give you more of a casual kind of look! I obviously took the easier route for a day on the go, but still managing to stay chic on a daily basis in NYC is pretty easy thanks to having a wardrobe full of functional seperates!


17 May 2013

Coming Soon

(Wearing: YVY harness(es), Josie Duran denim bra, Pleasure Principles sleevless blazer, Stone Morris shorts, Ralph Lauren sunglasses)


Check back this weekend for my top 5 SS13 looks I put together from the boutique's extensive collection of contemporary womenswear! 

Trust me, you're gonna love it! ;)


16 May 2013

Ravin' at the House of Versace

Photos via Elle

These were some of the highlights from the punky, club kiddish J.W. Anderson x Versus Versace collection that launched last night here in NYC! This wasn't a collaboration I was expecting, but ever since the haus revealed a month ago about it's existence...I was SO READY. 

As per usual, JW delivers with all his design duos. It was bold and in your face (which was a breath of fresh air)Donatella confesses to making fashion fun again! Imagine taking a time warp to some dingy London warehouse rave in the early 90's because thats where this goes - she emphasized on bare midriffs, slashed cut-out dresses, loud electric hues, androgynous unisex details, and eclectic rebellious branding to match her new fashionable prodigy.

(en route wearing Zana Bayne harness/layered belt, Versace bra top, spiked hat, & tight braids)

I was at the after party at Lexington Avenue Armory taking in all the amazingness that was unfolding in front of me. Live installations featuring the latest looks, LIVE STREAMING for the virtual Versace world, high energy performances from Grimes, Angel Haze, and Dead Sara, and many familiar NYC personalities and high fashion gaunts trolling around to the beat of the new Versace vision! Can't wait to see how this pans out!


Is JW the new Gianni? Like Alexander Wang the new Cristobal? Like Raf Simons the new Galliano?

We'll wait and see!


02 May 2013


(Wearing: Zara top & clutch, AA bandeau, J Brand shorts, Mark McNairy shoes, Zana Bayne harness, MMMargiela cuff, vintage sunglasses)

WE FINALLY HAD OUR FIRST LEGITIMATE WARM DAY IN NYC SINCE SEPTEMBER!!!!! I'm so excited, I can't handle it. I almost forgot what the sun was, days just lingered by. So of course, my body perceived a warm, breezy 77 as 95 degrees in the dry heat! I just couldn't wait any longer. I was so ready to put some of my white staples for spring to use since they've been waiting patiently in my closet for a little air!

Put together this casual, fun little number for galavanting around the city and taking in the beauty of everything! A crisp, all white look is so clean and fresh after all those layers i've been piling on during the cold months. The perfect backdrop was some local Brooklyn street art by my house!
 I LOVE SPRING IN NYC. The energy in the city is so amazing, it's like it comes alive again after a long winter hibernation! Soaking up the NY for a bit longer..

Catching a flight south tomorrow! 
Going on a month cross country tour like I do every summer to see friends and family! 

Dallas - May 3-10
Austin - May 10-13
LA- May 19-May 26
SF- May 27-29
LA/SD- May 29-June 10

**I'd love to collaborate anywhere along the way with designers, boutiques, photographers, bloggers, etc. I'm open ears to projects! Shoot me an inquiry!

First stop, Dallas! 
Cant wait to shop..