31 January 2013

City of Lights 2.0

Photos by Lindsay Cozart
(Wearing: Helmut Lang reversible coat, Zara pumps)

Like I had mentioned in the last post, I picked up this sweet little number on a random stroke of luck buy at the Buffalo Exchange my buyer friend works at. Pretty good steal for $50! Mint condition...and it's REVERSIBLE! It has two different feels, one very edgy, but classic black side, and a more demure softer appeal when flipped onto the cream side. The geometric patterns feel very art-deco'ish, no? The silhouette is such a nice shape, I decided to reconsider not pairing it with anything else, and keep the main focus on the coat. So I just threw on my new ankle strapped obsessions and called it a day. And the turn out was positive! Simplicity is a nice change for the moment. I feel like such a glitterati in LA, verses my dark, to the point all black looks I pull in NY. You definitely see a softer side to my style efforts when i'm on the West coast. 

Location: If you're ever in LA, you should definitely check out the row of lights at LACMA. I always feel like Paris when I come here. It's so perfect at 2am in the dead of night. One of the more surreal moments in my life. 


29 January 2013

City of Lights

 Photos by Lindsay Cozart

Part 1 of 2 parading around in my new Helmut Lang coat I found this trip in LA. With one of my favorite backdrops in the city. The row of lights at LACMA. <3 br="">

I'm out the door to catch a plane back to NYC.
I'll write more in depth once I land! 


28 January 2013

Silverlake Hills

 Photos by Lindsay Cozart
(Wearing: Zara blazer, bag, & pants, D&G tank, Cobrashop choker, & vintage boots)

Reporting from a cozy little love den nestled in the hills of Silverlake. I've had a hard time breaking out of this shell, so I literally stepped outside to take a few photos. I've been playing with this trouser + top + blazer formula for quite some time now! I've completely mastered the modern guide to business chic. Keeping clean lines and simplicity for the outfit and then wearing really interesting accessories for a little POP. It's more attention grabbing with out actually screaming for attention! But who needs formulas, when it's so easy to get ready for the day in LA? The weather is PERFECT, and even on the gloomiest of days, you can still strut down the street lookin' like a million bucks! <--- p="" this="" try="">
You'll thank me later!


27 January 2013

Cant take my shine away

Photo by Lindsay Cozart

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts/updates all week. The SoCal sun has taken me hostage, and it's been nothing short of amazing. But no worries! I've been shooting the entire time i've been out here, so i'll have plenty to post when I return to the frozen tundra of NYC on Tuesday! I'm seriously considering relocating back to sunny California. I'm always border line depressed when I leave!


20 January 2013

Bryant Park

(Wearing: Zara top,pants, & shoes , Helmut Lang bag, and vintage hat)

On my way out the door, I wore this look around town the other day!
 I'll catch up more on this later!


17 January 2013


Theres no surprise that i'm obsessed with Cara Delevigne! Not only does she have the sweetest personality, she can sell the hell out of any garment. She gives me everything in this video. This is definitely gonna be my look for 2013. Looking absolutely flawless as usual, miss C embodies the total 90's girl DSQUARED2 was trying to push! All about the gold! 



Rad plaid

(Wearing: Levi's denim, We Who See wedges, Posso spats, Helmut Lang bag, Alexander Wang blazer, vintage leather jacket, skirt, and Ray Ban shades)

It's pretty obvious I can't get over the skirt over pants vibe I saw so much during the fall collections. It looks so good with a hard to pair skirt, it turns a casual outfit into something a tad more interesting. I've made so many combos while getting ready lately. I need to document more of these moments!


16 January 2013


(Wearing: Zara stoles, 3.1 Phillip Lim blazer, Levi's denim, Helmut Lang bag & shoes, Ray Ban shades)

I got REacquainted with all the luxurious accessories in my closet today. It's freezing in NYC and i'm using it as an excuse to dress like Alexis Carrington Colby if she was a downtown gal. My weird metaphors somehow make sense to me. Counting down the days til California. Can't wait to break out my new Alexander Wang mini and wear open toed shoes!!!!!!!!!

**If you're in LA/SF, and would like to collaborate with/for Crimes of Fashion or just in general, i'm all ears..
Send me an inquiry, i'd love to hear from you!
Available Jan 21-29th


12 January 2013

Bowl of oranges

 (Wearing: Zara top & scarf, Levi's denim, Minimarket boots, Aldo watch, vintage jacket and clutch, House of Holland x Le Spec sunglasses)


10 January 2013

Casting shadows

Photos by Tyler-Simpson Colon

(Wearing: MMM x H&M skirt/pant, Rag & Bone tank top, Zara leather moto, Fresh stole,  Helmut Lang bag, vintage hat and choker)

 I was doing my usual fall clearance shopping at all the majors store in NYC, when I stumbled across the MMM x H&M skirt/pant combo on sale for $10. I know i've done quite a lot of posting about the collection and the looks i've concocted with the pieces, but MMM is such a conceptual artist, even in some of the hard to pull off styles he designed, I see his vision! Thats why it didn't do so well in numbers, mass shoppers don't appreciate art expressed within clothing. It's just a garment, not a work of art to them. Main point---> It was so ridiculous, I had to have them (and imagine the impossible that they were exactly my size), and they fit so perfectly. I immediately changed into them. I love the city slicker chic feel I achieve when I wear them. I could only imagine pairing leather everything with them to give such a polished look a little edge. I'm sure these will be a casual go to for me when I don't feel like getting out of bed, but want to look like i'm trying. 



08 January 2013

LA photo diary

A collection of photos & memories from my birthday trip in LA last month. 
Most of the clothes rotated in photos are vintage or Alexander Wang. The signature bag throughout is my trusty Helmut Lang messenger. (I try to keep my bags classic and to a minimum while traveling..) Can't wait to be back on the west coast on the 21st. Thoroughly enjoying the city in the meantime. And in talks of doing London/Paris fashion week after NY next month! If i'm able to go, it'll be my first time in attendance and to europe! So this is big news for me!

Cant wait to share more!