30 December 2012

Love thyself

(Wearing: Cobrasnake "HIGH SOCIETY" beanie)

It's been a crazy whirlwind of a year. Some up's, some down's, but still eventful and memorable! I must say, I'm pretty excited for what the future holds and can't wait to go blazing saddles in 2013! I went on an amazing adventure hike with one of my good friends while in LA....It was so peaceful (enough that we stripped down to our undies and roamed) >.<, and the first time in awhile that i'd went hiking (I used to twice a week when I lived in LA, city life drains your balance of nature and reality)- so I definitely tried to take in my surroundings. I had time to think over the last year and kind of had an internal coming to jesus meeting with my soul. I'm finally comfortable with myself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Not to mention, the decisions i've made over the last 12 months and lifestyle i've chosen for myself. Committing the new year to making fashion and art my full time career, and living through my inspirations, meanwhile making my dreams a reality. 
Things are finally falling into place for me..so stay tuned!

 HAPPY NEW YEAR..wherever you are in this world-
Thanks so much for supporting CRIMES OF FASHION!
I can't wait to bring you fierce fucking fashions in the new era!

Stay true to you, learn to love yourself, and success will come your way!


28 December 2012

Reverse, Reverse

(ft the OTHER side of this amazing BCALLA jacket)

And whenever you are questioning a final choice, try it inside out.

26 December 2012

Black on black on black

( ft. Helmut Lang cross body bag & vintage hat from my favorite little shop in the East Villy)

I couldn't live without these two accessories lately. Both are so perfect for my sometimes bitchy, sometimes casual, always on the go lifestyle. Life's been a breeze in Cali, i'm now currently reminiscing through photos since I just got back to snowy, frigid NYC last night. Counting down the days til my trip next month to SF! My photo diary is coming soon!

 Check back soon, it's been an amazing month! 


25 December 2012

Christmas in Hollywood

(Wearing: Helmut Lang bag, Massimo Dutti boots, EVERYTHING else thrifted..literally)

Merry Christmas from Valley Village nestled up in the hills over Hollywood! I wouldn't really know if this is considered a real Christmas in context (since it was a beautiful 65 degree day with endless sunshine...and the fact that i'm wearing a sheer top with a kilt.)
 Doesn't seem like the snowy story you would picture, but my alternate location of celebration has been more then delightful this year! I spoke to my parents in Texas and it's snowing! My childhood memories of a white christmas have been replaced by this new element of California's correction of the holiday. I spent the low key day with my close friend and her family who have been so gracious! I can't wait to visit again in a few weeks! I hope everyone enjoys the holidays and remembers to make it count while you've still got years on this fabulous little planet of ours!

Dont waste any time, life is too short for regrets!


23 December 2012

Pershing Square at dusk

(Wearing: Alexander Wang turtleneck & jacket, vintage skirt & hat, Massimo Dutti boots, HofH sunglasses, Helmut Lang bag)

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been whisked away by the California sun and my mind has been out to lunch. I'm doing amazing and will be returning to NYC after the holidays! 

Merry Christmas everyone!


19 December 2012

Sports & J'adore

(Wearing: BCALLA reversible coat, Christian Dior tee, Adidas pants, Chloe Sevigny x OC boots, & vintage sunglasses)

My friend Brad over at BCALLA let me borrow my favorite coat he designed last year to use for a few days and I fell in love with its versatility. You could pair it with track pants or trousers, and could accessorize with a specific top or just something as basic as a tee shirt. I felt like Sporty Spice when I saw the photos. As for the coat, it dons a feminine shape combined with edgy textures that gives this coat a unique combination of luxury & wearability. 

I'll reverse it in the next post!

**Check out more from BCALLA here


18 December 2012

Birthday Suit

(Wearing: David Dalrymple x House of Field catsuit, Dolce Vita boots, Patricia Field sweatband, Ray Ban Wayfarers)

I'm in LA with friends for the week celebrating my 23rd birthday and life has been oh so sweet!
I'm thankful for another year committed to creating art and living life to the fullest. The original reason I created this blog was to document my everyday encounters in & around the industry and within my own closet. I love all my readers and can't wait to share my passion for fashion & GO GLOBAL in 2013


16 December 2012


(Wearing: Zara 1/2 blazer, Helmut Lang bag & tee, Alexander Wang pants, MD boots, HofH sunglasses & vintage hat)

On my more casual days or when i'm traveling to see family in Texas, it's so much easier to leave the impractical pieces at home and filter my outfits around my black and basics. I've been wearing these wide leg trousers constantly lately because they bring a certain degree of class to my look, even when i'm just wearing a plain gray tee. I picked up this bag last week in NYC at the Helmut Lang sale, where I was having a meltdown deciding  between buying a new pocketbook or random clothes from his previous fall collection. I figured the bag was more applicable to my every day schedule, and I was right. The chain locks and zippers give it a little bit of edge, but the leather is buttery soft and the overall shape is approachable. 

I'm spending a few days home this weekend in Dallas to celebrate my 23rd birthday, and I thought what better way then to waste away in a suite the W Victory Park. I got the sickest balcony with an amazing view of the downtown Dallas skyline. This city is like a neon ball of light at night! So nice, now i'm all rested and hopping on a plane today to LA for my actual birthday tomorrow.

See you on the west coast!
(ques Coconut Records)


12 December 2012

Studio works

Wearing: Zara blazer, vintage top, skirt, and pants, Dolce Vita boots, MMM x H&M clutch, Ray Ban sunglasses, & Alexander Wang bag



07 December 2012

It's like, a hairflip..

(Photos by Miguel Gesso)

These are a few behind the scenes photos from shooting a project earlier this week, that i'm collaborating on with my photog friend, Miguel Gesso! What was originally supposed to just be a few quick photos, actually turned into an all night affair...which somehow also veered off into capturing my curly locks. Let's not even talk about the mini fashion film shorts that were created. More on the outfit tomorrow! +++ more on our collaboration SOON.

Check out artist MG's tumblr HERE


03 December 2012

Grand Central Terminal

(Wearing: 3.1 Phillip Lim blouse, pants, & blazer, Alexander Wang bag, HofH sunglasses, Massimo Dutti boots)

Place: Grand Central Station, 42nd St NYC

Here's an up close and personal look of this lovely 3.1 Phillip Lim playsuit (I mentioned I had picked up awhile back at the private sale here in NYC). I remember my initial goal at the sale was to fill missing holes within my wardrobe by purchasing key seperates, but by coincidence, my final choices paired together pretty effortlessly.. Can we talk about this metallic gold blazer? Photos don't do it justice (it's so sparkly in person)! With a cold winter ahead, i've had to get crafty with my outfits, and have paired this jacket with anything from leather pants to sweats. Trying to achieve a wardrobe with versatility.


01 December 2012


First and foremost, Happy December to all my fellow Sagittarians!

I was feeling fancy this morning, and decided to dress the part to spend my day uptown.
I could spend countless hours in the shops at Grand Central Terminal, even though i'm just trying to sneak in a little pre Christmas shopping!

And i'm right back out the door, more on this look tomorrow!