30 November 2012

The empty street corner

 (Wearing: Alexander Wang sweater, pants, & bag, Acne shoes, House of Field turban, vintage plaid cap & leather jacket)

Multitasking at 2am? 
Something I'm not very good at. 
But walking with absolutely nowhere particular direction in mind? 
I'm super!

I've spent many nights with friends wandering these empty industrial lots near my house. There is tons of amazing street art along these desolate walkways and it goes on for what feels like forever. I can't help but always beg for a photo op over here!  -___- (**forewarning for future posting). I've concluded it's because everything is so colorful even in the dead of night, making the perfect background for my late night impromptu shoots. So I tested out literally wearing this plaid blanket as a skirt. I'm really into obsessively layeringpieces to define my shape...So for the most part, the outcome was great.. I loved the way the skirt lays so perfectly disheveled over the pants. Very Junya Wantabe meets Jean Paul Gaultier, but it managed to fall somewhere in between the cracks of them both. Somewhere I always seem to end up..and a perfect way to describe my style..

"In between the cracks"

Some random crazy lady on the street dubbed me GYPSYYYYY LADY..
So i'll take that!


27 November 2012

Hot like fire // 2

(Wearing: Isaac Mizrahi coat, Oak top, MMM x H&M reworked denim, Massimo Dutti boots, 3.1 Phillip Lim bag, vintage sunglasses)

I love the street art near my apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn. 
That is all.


23 November 2012

Floating city

(featuring: Kermi the Frog, Sailor Mickey, Kung Fu Panda, Little Russian Doll, NYPD, Paul Frank, Charlie Brown, Spider Man & Uncle Sam)

This isn't really a fashion related post, just wanted to post some of my favorite floats I shot at the 86th annual Macy's parade yesterday here in NYC. I grew up watching it every Thanksgiving morning with my mom, so it's a pleasant reminder to see it in person. The whole set up is adorable!!!! I've definitely got a warm heart & child-like curiosity, so I can't miss this. It's quickly become a yearly tradition for me since moving out here. (I somewhat feel like one of the innocent Japanese spectators running in fear of Godzilla in the movie, these floats are MASSIVE.) I extended the invite to my family next year...now won't that be interesting.

Happy belated Thanksgiving! It doesn't have to be the day of to remember what you're thankful for! Always love, share, and give back! 


21 November 2012

Hot like fire

(Wearing: 3.1 Phillip Lim "Lynus Portfolio" envelope bag)

Picked up this lovely little piece at the annual 3.1 PL sale this past week in NYC. The milky red leather, outer envelope pocket, and rabbit fur adornment on the strap are major key points for this bag. When it came to actually putting it to use, I found it easily paired with boots and jeans for those on the go days (when you dont have time to actually get ready). **Seen here with my MMM x H&M trousers + Massimo Dutti ankle boots**. It adds just enough color to this neutral palette to not overpower the rest of my outfit, meanwhile still achieving that 90's urban casual TLC denim thing i'm going for. I love playing with new & old trends, but the key to great style is going with your gut and always keeping it original.

More on this outfit tomorrow!


17 November 2012

Floral Collar

(Wearing: Alexander Wang pants, sweater, & bag, vintage button up)

I love this striped sweater I picked up at the Alexander Wang sale last week. It's a great basic for layering. The contrast of floral gives it an elegant touch, no?  I found it visually pleasing for the eyes. With a new bag to boot. It's been a great source for all purpose things. I used it to carry part of my groceries the other night! -___-

I cant believe it's almost December. Time just flies right by these days. Maybe its the weather change, and my lack of accordance of the time and my sleep schedule. But regardless, it's about to be my month with all my fellow Sagittarians!!! Got lots of trips in progress over the next few months and plenty of projects for the new year. 
Cant wait! 


15 November 2012

In stores today

(Wearing: MMM x H&M sweater, clutch, belt, & jeans, Alexander Wang crop jacket, We Who See wedges)

If you haven't made it to H&M for the latest collaboration, i'd definitely recommend going to pick up a few classic staples from the French house label! In stores nationwide today, November 15, 2012!

Giving you 90's sporty edge with the low rise jeans and cropped sweater. This candy clutch is to DIE for. SO SHINY & FABULOUS & PERRRRFECT! 


14 November 2012

Crossing paths

( Alexander Wang "Kirsten" tote)

I finally decided this beauty and I were meant for each other when I was at the designers private sample sale this past week in NYC. I've seen it a million times online and in store (it's one of his signature bags), but something about seeing it 80% off brought it even clearer into focus. When it comes to bags, i'm pretty basic. I love black - it's simple, classic, and easily wearable. It can be dressed up or down from day to night. You will definitely see her later this week in an outfit post! 

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10 November 2012

Weekend traveler

Planning on going somewhere this weekend? Well I was recently featured on Cheap Flights UK travel blog for one of the top destination bloggers for NYC. So in lieu of all that, I've compiled my top list of necessary essentials for a perfect getaway out of town! (including a Travel look/day2night look/casual sunday look).

When packing for a quick vacation, the key is simplicity. You can still look fabulous, while not taking 2 armor trucks full of shoes and accessories (as I would in any major travel situation!). Bring items you can pair up and wear more then once, no more then 2 pairs of shoes, a statement hat, all your basics - leggings, tank, shirt, etc, + a great read for the drive up. 
My current absolute-must-haves: leather driving loafers, printed button up's, metallic pants, fitted blazer, silver jewelry, leather belt, & great vintage hat. This rad combo is an ideal representation of my dressed up downtown street style.
L to R
Lastly, dont over do it.
 You want to feel comfortable in your own skin on vacation, it's your dedicated time away from reality! 

Look 1 (Day): Zara button up, pants, vest, necklace & loafers, H&M bag, vintage scarf & hat, Beirn wallet, HofH sunglasses
Look 2 (Casual Sunday): Benneton sweater, Zara vest & loafers, Rubin Chapelle pants, MMM x H&M jewelry, HofH sunglasses, Beirn wallet
Look 3 (Night) MMM x H&M blazer, Zara pants & necklace, We Who See wedges, vintage hat & clutch

Hope this makes packing a less painful experience
Enjoy your stay-ca!


08 November 2012

The Modern Business suit

(Wearing: Zara pants & choker, MMM x H&M blazer/scarf, We Who See wedges, vintage hat/belt/clutch, House of Harlow sunglasses, Moschino watch)

I've been pretty inspired by the F/W 2012 Louis Vuitton ready to wear collection and all of its fabulosity in recent days. I'm playing with clashing prints, hats with detail, 20's power suits, etc. You could easily interpret this into your Monday-Friday wardrobe. The way I look at it..It's 2012 - the traditional black & white 3 piece suit is no longer expected in the workplace. Add a little bit of your personal style with accessories and fun color palettes. This Zara choker is super chic for any time of day, it's from their latest fall 2012 jewelry collection (which is oozing with baubles & crystals) - which has a very Prada/Miu Miu feel..something fabulous you'd find in your grandmothers closet. But whatever it is, I love it!

I've compiled a travel post for the upcoming weekend (which will be up tomorrow) and this is a part of my day to night look I created. Be sure to check in tomorrow for your perfect weekend trip essentials!


06 November 2012

Say goodnight, Isabella

(Wearing: Alexander Wang jacket & wristlet, NR x DN shift dress, K-Too leggings, Calvin Klein "Isabella" boots, & HoH sunglasses)

Held out on wearing these baby's all summer so I could pair them with my upcoming fall looks. It's the only time it makes sense to wear burgundy for me. I'm so bright in the summer time and my color palettes fade out as the year goes on to leading to softer silhouettes, and hues that are easier on the eyes. These are the perfect city boot - super chic, yet super comfortable. Half of my shoes don't get much wear except for special occasions due to the fact I can't last 8 blocks in them. My only challenge with these was how difficult it was to incorporate this shade of color within my closet, and it doesn't help that they're velvet..so I played it safe with black separates. Once I get some wear in them, i'll step out of my comfort zone and take a few more fashionable risks when getting ready! 


02 November 2012

The cat's meow

(Wearing: Vince hoodie, Topshop knee highs, HoH "Chelsea" sunglasses, & MMM x H&M cuff)

I remember seeing these House of Harlow shades debut last year and I had to have them. Unfortunately, so did every other fabulous entity this side of the Atlantic. I somewhat searched for them for months and never had any luck (sold out EVERYWHERE). The Chelsea came out in many different color/textured versions since the original (which were all pretty rad), but black is a classic staple and establishes more of an every day wear kind of appeal instead of every once in awhile for me. I luckily came across a restock of the pair recently and immediately jumped on them. They finally arrived last week and i'm pleased to report they haven't left my bag since I opened the box. 

The feline-like shape is undeniable!