31 October 2012

Give me my silver hardware

 ( From L to R: MMM x H&M cuff, Chris Habana ring, Zana Bayne harness, vintage moon ring, Alexander Wang wristlet Chris Habana hand ring, Chris Habana spine necklace, MMM x H&M necklace, bracelet, and belt, Beirn wallet, Minimarket shoes)

These are a few of my favorite accessories in my closet right now. I didn't realize that I was on such a silver/white craze until I laid everything out together, but it brings a cohesive element to my crazy wardrobe. 

Currently in the process of an intense closet edit!


29 October 2012

When the last light goes out

(Wearing: Blazer, dress, jewelry, belt - all MMM x H&M, Beirn wallet, Ralph Lauren boots, & vintage sunglasses)

I've been playing around the last few days with all my finds from the latest collaboration with French powerhouse artist, Maison Martin Margiela! I'm obsessed with the simplicity and raw edge of the new collection. It's all your favorite basics redefined - all conveniently from his previous years of work. They're incredibly well made and totally depict this darker side of my fashion inspirations (obviously with the color palette, among other things). They go well with this backdrop: In my friends quaint little building on the Upper East Side. It's the ideal pre-war apartment and I've always had a weird love for his hallway. Taking one photo turned into a full blown mini editorial with this outfit. I just love the moody lighting. Laughing thinking at the things we do sometimes. I enjoy making fashion fun again!

Stay young!


27 October 2012

Guilty Pleasures

(Ralph Lauren Collection boots)

Awhile back I found the most amazing pair of boots online at a really great price, and I was avidly searching for a nice pair for fall. Something that is chic, but practical for living in the city. I obviously caved in pretty easily to make a nice investment for my growing shoe collection (newest addiction). I love the moderate heel and gold buckle detail. They have such a great shape! And you can incorporate them into just about any look! 

Time to take these baby's to the streets!


26 October 2012

Bohemian Rhapsody

(Wearing: gifted Narciso Rodriguez x DN jumpsuit, MMM x H&M jewelry, Beirn wallet, Zana Bayne LE harness, We Who See wedges, & vintage sunglasses)

Spent an afternoon strolling through the West Village yesterday. My closet is on temporary overload from all of the new pieces i've acquired lately. So this post is basically a WHOLE new outfit minus the shoes, which have been on here quite a few times. First off, this gorgeous watersnake wallet is my best friend at the moment. The color is simple, yet striking...especially when paired with vibrant prints (as seen above). You'll definitely be seeing more of it + it's counterparts (the hobo bag in lime green is to die for) in the future. Also pictured is my jumpsuit I received at the NR x Kohl's event earlier this week, & jewelry from MMM x H&M launch on Tuesday night. It's been a busy week in NY! :) This is my absolute favorite time of year in the city, so I try and take advantage of the weather while it's permitting. All of the bright foliage sweeping on the pavements behind me paint a picture perfect Whysteria Lane, well so you'd think. Living in one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the world can take you for a ride, so it's nice to pretend sometimes.


25 October 2012

The scenery at MMM x H&M launch party

( Wearing: Alexander Wang pants, jacket, and clutch, OakNYC shirt, WeWhoSee wedges, Zana Bayne  harness & Pat Field knuckle dusters)

I attended the MEGA chic MMM x H&M launch party Tuesday night at the 5 Beekman building in the Financial District. It was that time of year again to celebrate another bi annual collaboration between the mass retailer, this time with legendary conceptual artist Maison Martin Margiela. Known for being an experimental avante garde-ist, The Maison explores creativity through recycling and emotional transformation

I was anticipating this collection the second I heard about it back in March, to say the least..I knew it would be crafted to perfection. And as expected, it pleased. I was in utter disbelief of how amazing the interior of this abandoned building was. 9 floors of raw, untouched space. All dedicated to the works of MMM. That added with an elite crowd of celebrities and fashion mavens and you've got a full force party in the making. I bumped shoulders all night with the likes of SJP, Kanye West, The Beckerman sisters, AJ Mukumal, Alexander Wang (whom 1/2 my outfit was by) The MisShapes, Selma Blaire, Kate Bosworth, Mena Suvari, Julienne Moore, Helena Christensen, Allen Cumming, Chase Crawford, some of my favorite supermodels, and friends to name a few!

Instead of the typical runway show, they interpreted the collection via visual art and dance performances with choreographer, Anne Theresa De Keersmaeker and live installations by Noemi Goudal/Daniel Arsham spread throughout the venue on 3 different floors. The overall mood was haunting, yet beautiful. I felt like I was in some mysterious novel with an unknown ending. They were able to represent Margiela to the fullest with both art & design. 

As much as I loved ALL the pieces, I must forewarn you that some must only be for rail thin supermodels, because I had difficulty finding pieces that fit my long, lean body, and i'm usually a size 2/4 in pant, size 6 in jackets. So I went nuts on all the silver, industrial jewelry. The women's RTW must have's are the red draped dress, glass wedge ankle boot, outside seam leather biker jacket, and the candy clutches, if you're able to find your best fit!!

MMM x H&M will be available in over 250 stores worldwide starting November 15. So I better get plenty of wear out of my pieces before they go crazy among the masses! And you might even catch me at the Fifth avenue location day of trying to score that metallic clutch!

Thanks again to the lovely team over H&M/PR Consulting for having me out!

Get the full #MargielawithHM experience here
++ To learn more about MMM here
+++ check out artist Daniel Arsham &  Noemi Goudal


24 October 2012

Now everyone can have a piece

(Wearing: Alexander Wang jacket & sweater, Zara button up, Topshop fur stole)

I attended the digital showcase of the soon-to-be released designer collaboration featuring Narciso Rodriguez x Design Nation last night. It was a cute, kitschy event held at the IAC building in the Meatpacking District. (Last time I was here was for the Prabal Gurung AW12 show back in February..) Still trying to wrap my head around the idea of multiple voices in fashion showing up to a party to LITERALLY watch a slideshow of clothing, but it worked! So great to meet the design team behind this project...we talked colors and pairings for quite awhile. They presented an approachable, wearable collection featuring most of the basic staples every woman needs in her closet (shift dress, matching jumpsuit, easy shirt, cropped suit pants, etc) in simple monochromatic mashups and striking patterns. 

After watching numerous collections during fashion week and analyzing these new collection, i've concluded color blocking is back to stay for fall and spring next year..and being as that i have a emotionally platonic relationship with color, I totally dig it!

 Can't wait to try on all the new pieces they gifted me! 
(This sporty printed silk 2 piece suit set is killing me... )
I'm serving major androgyny in it!

The collection will be available at all major Kohl's retailers nationwide on Nov 7.
Get the full behind the scenes experience and Narciso's inspiration here


18 October 2012

Runnin' around town

gif maker free

(Wearing: Massimo Dutti sweater, AA tank top, Whyred denim, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Coach sunglasses, House of Field turban, and my indestructible Doc's)

I've been on the go all week long, running up and down this city which couldn't be done without some simple, 2 second looks for my casual duty. My trusty Whyred jeans have kept me put together, as they've been the only bottoms I feel like i've worn in days (BTW, I have a million pairs of pants in  every color, print, and style imaginable), but it's okay when they're you're favorite go-to...right!? 

I've found myself being affected by the weather (AGAIN) and have stuck to a strictly monotone wardrobe ALL WEEK long. Signs all point to winter being here. All of the black, navy, and gray...BLAH. It looks great and is so easy to achieve, but i'm wailing for a little sunshine so I can bring out the real LOOKS

Everyone know's i'm a bursting ball of colorful energy! 

To be continued..


15 October 2012

All about accessories

(Wearing: ADR x H&M sunglasses, bangle, & choker, Zara knit, Sisley kilt, Whyred jeans, and Minimarket boots)

I finally decided to wait a week and take my new ADR x H&M accessories for a stroll! I was surprised at how easily it was to nab the pieces I wanted. Luckily (for me), it wasn't as highly publicized as previous collaborations, so it kind of fell under the radar! I still wanna go back for the emerald and crystal necklace I was eyeing but couldn't seem to commit to at the time. Anyways, I went for a much more casual approach to the outlandish jewelry. Paired it with a sweater from Zara. I love the 3/4 sleeve for those in between days when it's hot/cold in NY. I recently found this great kilt from at Monk in Park Slope and haven't been able to stop wearing it now that fall is here. It's so chic for this time of year layered over everything. I can't wait to maximize my new purchases now that I actually have an applicable wardrobe that coincides with the weather. I really gotta clean up my summer looks next year! 

I'll leave that for another day!


12 October 2012


( Wearing: Hyden Yoo jacket, Zara top, Rag & Bone button up, Whyred denim, Minimarket boots)

 The lovely team over at Massimo Dutti invited me out as a guest blogger for their 5th avenue flagship opening cocktail party last night. First and foremost, I have to say...Spaniards sure do know how to throw a lavish party! From the live jazz musings of Jamie Cullum, overflowing champagne and  to die for h'orderves, to all of the interesting eye candy swarming all through out the room. I was on sensory overload...as per usual at these kinds of events! There were so many glamorous women running around in little black dresses and too much gold jewelry (LOVE it). You really felt the vibrant energy of the Spanish culture in the room. Everyone was socializing, laughing, drinking, and shopping! 

Second, I love the set up of the location. It's 3 floors, womens RTW & accessories, along with a men's store on the top level. They want you to have the ultimate shopping experience from exceptional service all the way to picking the latest and greatest wardrobe staples to add to your closet. 

It was great meeting the Elle magazine chicks and Albert Adria of MD! I love my MD navy cable knit sweater and slick ankle boots (which i'll definitely post ASAP)! Thanks again!

MD is officially open today at 689 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY!
 Go check it out!
or get the visual vibe online here