23 August 2012

Space Cadet

(Wearing: Oak torque, Zara shorts and fur, OC x Dr Marten Daria boots, Louis Vuitton sunglasses, and vintage Gee Whiz lunch box)

I've been in such a uniform of all black this summer for some odd reason. How a colorful person like myself could adopt such a drab wardrobe so quickly is a little strange. Not that I don't appreciate the whole "minimalist" idea, and it's worked great for me...but I kind of missed looking like a casual acid trip. So for the first time in a few weeks, my loud personality was in full force the other day on a quiet night in Gramercy. Who needs a handbag when you have a sweet lunch box? Great score for under $10 at a resale shop. Feelin' thrifty.


19 August 2012

Dream & Drive exhibition x Milk Studios

(Wearing: Scoop NYC net top, Alexander Wang wristlet, Costume Dept leggings, Minimarket boots)

Went to the opening event for the latest installation of photos at Milk Studios earlier this week featuring one of my current favorite bands, The Kills. The exhibition is celebrating the bands 10 year anniversary, and is compiled with a selection of photos shot by friend and long time collaborator, Kenneth Cappello from events/touring since 2002! There was a major turn out for the opening and it was so good to see all my fashion friends before NYFW commences in the next few weeks! Life is about to get crazy again! And I FINALLY got my new camera! Expect lots of updates ASAP! Back to regularly scheduled programming! Stay in touch!