25 May 2012

Impossible Conversations at the Met

(Photos featuring looks from SS2007 buttons, leather gladiators dresses from A/W 2009, SS11 minimal baroque, and current F/W 2012-13)

It's that time of year again. The Met Ball marked the opening presentation for the latest fashion collaboration at the Met. This year, one of my favorite designers Miuccia Prada was compared to the young works of Schiaparelli (another famed designer from the early 19th century) for their critically acclaimed similarities and appreciation for unique glamour. I took advantage of the rainy NY weather were having and spent my day uptown yesterday. The fact that I was practically melting over every piece in the exhibit is probably an understatement. I've followed her for years watching every collection the second it hits style.com and now to see these one of a kind works up close in person is just a whole different experience. As for the film noir playing blankly on the back walls, I appreciated the recreation of a possible conversation between the two creators that was actually completely impossible in the sense. Since they never allow photography, I always have to use my super secret skills to maneuver a few iphone shots for some kind of visual documentation. Mission accomplished. I had to buy the book and a few postcards to add to my ever growing collection of coffee table reads. I'll post photos! 

It is perfection<3


21 May 2012

Jitrois x Interview

Went to the Jitrois store opening the other night in SoHo on behalf of Interview Mag. Did the usual. Mingled with people, enjoyed the h'orderves, danced to Donna Summer hits, and looked at fabulous pieces that I need IMMEDIATELY. I saw a huge focus on suede and die hard leather staples throughout the collection. It's a bit pricy, but well worth every penny! The fashionable Brant brothers hosted the event, so I had to give thanks for a lovely party! I definitely wanna go back and do some shopping! Check them out here!

The warm weather i've been yearning for since January, has FINALLY arrived.
 It's time to focus on my inspirations for my summer closet.
Going for something totally different this year!


17 May 2012

Dancing with Donna

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'll notice I do miniature tributes to all of my personal icons when they pass on from our world to the afterlife. If you have been online this morning, i'm sure you know or heard that Donna Summer died..(all my glitter falls to the floor).. She was famous for more then just her music..she's always been a HUGE muse for me. Her style was impeccable. I will admit, I have a soft spot for fashion in 60's/70's/80's pop culture...There was something so whimsical about the time period. Rather it was the long hair and suede left over from Woodstock or the glitz and glamour of nightlife personas ...i'll take it all! 
She was total funk, the ultimate disco dancing babe.
So this one's for her!

RIP Donna Summer

I'll never forget those endless summer nights with the top down in LA, cruising down the PCH jamming to Bad Girls!

I'll always have memories with you<3


16 May 2012

New Wave Machine

Photos by Johnny & I

I've been eyeing the Henry Holland x Le Specs collaboration ever since the collection for summer 2012 came out a few months ago. It's about time we crossed paths. Paired with a vintage collared shirt, light wash Levi's skinnies, worn to the bone Church oxfords, and my favorite Moschino watch! I must say, very few designers produce an entire product line that i'm freak out over, but this one was sure to do it for me. Each pair is so wearable, yet funky and unique. To top it off, they feature cool colors, geometric shapes, and a light 70's disco undertone. Count me in! I've got these from the lovely people over at I DON'T LIKE MONDAYS in the LES. I want every single pair, but these took high priority above the rest. 

Check out other pairs and the HH x Le Spec campaign here


12 May 2012

Current Desire: Form meets Functionality

(images via google)

Sneaker wedges were a hit on the major runways for Spring 2012 and now that were currently entering season, i'm kind of going bananas over the concept. It's such an androgynous piece to introduce in my closet! 

The first pair I wanted were the Isabel Marants, but when I saw the $1,200 price point, I knew it was out of my price range...and yes I was heartbroken!! But I knew the second I saw a similar idea on the Marc by Marc Jacobs runway that these had to be mine come spring time. Both fabulous and (more) affordable! ;) These are perfect for my spring wardrobe.. I'm drawn by the generally masculine subject with feminine like attributes including the hidden wedge and monochromatic lace up detail. I must say, I'm a little torn on the color selection. I love the white, but they aren't practical for the nitty gritty streets of NY. So i'll probably end up getting red...or multicolor (if i'm having a really good day)... 

Bringin' back sportswear all day long.
I must adieu!


02 May 2012

Daytime Chic

I was wondering through SoHo the other day, and got snapped by NSS Mag for their street style section. Perfect outfit for running around the city. This "look" is almost uniform-like for me lately..Wearing Silence + Noise blazer with my fave Levi's skinnies. They fit me like a glove. I can wear them a million times and they will ALWAYS slide on like a second skin. Anyways, on to the accessories...The wearability i've gotten out of my Minimarket boots and Helmut Lang bag is incredible. Both were recent-ish purchases and have done wonders within my wardrobe!

Thanks Jules for the photo!
Check out full view here