25 April 2012


I haven't been able to blog much over the last month while i'm saving up to get a new camera. But that doesn't mean there hasn't been plenty going on in my life for me to document elsewhere. Including these shots from a mini shoot I did on a friends rooftop in the East Village. Paired my uniformed Silence + Noise blazer with this really soft, minty sleeveless top from H&M. I was drawn by the casual cut of the sleeve on a particularly dressy top.. I further attempted a double collar situation with one of my other mesh button ups from AA that still circulates heavily through my closet doubled on top...I loved the results. Had a very Prada menswear feel, no? I need to start trying this with my other spring looks when the weather finally decides what it wants to be.

Last but not least, I get asked all the time why I bother growing out my hair if I always keep it up. Answer is, i'm just going through a MAJOR bun phase. It's simply chic, but also changes the course of any outfit with just the help of a hair tie. I bring the locks down for an occasional meet and greet with my attire every once in awhile! :P

Sending mad props to the entire world
Back to regular posting ASAP!


11 April 2012

A Lack of Duty

Hiiii from sunny New York! Just got back last night and i'm so happy to be home! Been on a whirlwind trip through the South over the last 4 weeks and am happy to be back! Currently getting situated and working on a new camera situation, since my baby was stolen at SXSW! 

Stay with me!  
I'll be back to regularly posting ASAP!