19 March 2012

When in Austin..

It's that time again...Spring is currently on the rise, and I began getting a familiar traveling itch that I know so well to leave the city for a small trip. So I decided to disappear from reality for a few weeks, and come to the south to visit my family and friends + make my way down to Austin for the annual SXSW(South by SouthWest for those of you who aren't aware of it..AKA one of my favorite music festivals)for a week of music, memories, and madness! I only came for the music portion, and that was MORE then enough...actually more then amazing! It was the exact get-away I needed at the moment, and went off WITHOUT a hitch...until yesterday. 

See, I decided to extend my stay an extra night to catch some last minute performances. What I wasn't expecting was an unnecessary crowd malfunction while waiting in line at our last show of the evening...the end result was my other half, *AKA my first beloved Canon Rebel XTI being STOLEN!!!! I was completely heartbroken, and it ruined what was almost a perfect festival. I tried my hardest not to let it ruin the rest of my night. I was just more concerned about all the photos that i'll never be able to replace. Luckily I had these two saved from the beginning of my trip..otherwise, every single picture during the last week of fun (minus the few photos/vids I took on my phone) were GONE...

So i'll remember it for what it was: 7 days of irregular sleep schedules, packed Reid Speed dub set in the dungeon of Barcelona bar, crip walkin' to Snoop Dogg outside the tents, sweaty dance party at Yelle dj set w/ friends, casually flirting for VIP wristbands, double Jameson & cokes all week long, getting ghetto manicures at Beauty Bar, nothing going according to plan, trudging through thousands of people on 6th st, cheap food trucks for every meal, photoshoot at 2am on a random hill overlooking the city, turning the roof of a bus into my closet, two words: A$AP MOB, secretly stalking Kevin Barnes around Rainey St, Eric- our favorite clive bartender, barely making the end of Skrillex' epic late night set, my short lived minute or two of a serious get down during the Datsik show before losing my favorite camera, random alley strolls, glitter and glam for Semi Precious Weapons, being introduced to Delta Spirit, missing every Santogold set imaginable (:/insert sadness), last minute pool parties with the natives, dog piled car rides, A club called Rhonda does Austin, caching up w/ Jane from Sea of Shoes and rambling on about Reed Krakoff's perfect collection + her latest adventures, waking up at 4pm in last nights look, trannies in leotards, thrifting on South Congress, reminiscing my teenage years at Motion City Soundtrack, modified uniform of daisy dukes & platforms, mid air guitar crowd surfing during of Montreal, major meltdown after missing Jack White, a palm tree mystery, sunrises at 7am, wild reactions from the masses due to my outfit choices, St Paddy's Day debauchery, chats with pretty tattooed punk boys, new friends from everywhere, and last but not least, reuniting with so many old friends I hadn't seen in years + my best friend in the entire world. I'm sure i'm leaving bits and pieces out, but thats the jist of it! :)
I'll never forget this moment in my life. I cherish all the memories made this week, but wish I had the pictures to go along with explaining myself. I guess my long, quirky, drawn out flashback above will have to do!


13 March 2012

Top 10- Milan Fashion Week

(images via google, style, vogue)

In no particular order

1. Marni
2. Versace
3. Gucci
4. Gianfranco Ferre
5. Moschino
6. Dolce & Gabbana
7. Prada
8. Gabriele Colangelo
9. Jil Sander
10. Ter Et Tambine

With the fall presentations being so beautiful this season in Milan, it was impossible for me to only choose 5. Everything was so on point!


11 March 2012

Top 5 - London Fashion Week

(runway images via google, style, vogue)

1. Peter Pilotto
2. Mary Katrantzou
3. David Koma
4. Christopher Kane
5. McQ by Alexander McQueen


08 March 2012

Marni x H&M meets my closet

(Wearing: head to toe Marni x H&M, Chanel sunglasses, Dr. Marten Darcie boots)

I attended the pre shopping event/party H&M hosted for the launch of their latest designer collab with Marni last night at the flagship store on 5th avenue. I was just as excited for the crazy h'orderves and drinks they were serving as I was for clothes! :) I was especially excited for the release of this line, because it was in my opinion the greatest in line with all the other capsules H&M has worked with when it came down to originality and staying true to the brand's aesthetic. Unfortunately, the jewelry was completely sold out by the time I had arrived 15 MINUTES AFTER it started. And that's what I was really after. I've been a fan of Marni jewelry for years...Crazy people! Luckily enough, we are having our first bout with spring today in the city with a high of 67 degrees! What a perfect day to bust out my brand new gear for spring. One of the first on the streets to be sporting Marni x H&M! :P On to the items, I got this lovely paneled patent leather 1/2 sleeve jacket, along with these flight-suit pants/hood combo (i'll post later), one of the cute cartoon tees + a few complimentary scarves. Never fear, i'm in search of that jewelry this weekend!!! 

Fortunately, I'm headed to Dallas on Saturday evening, so I'm going to try my hardest to luck out at NorthPark Center location after Sunday brunch! Anyone brave the lines this morning? They are know to be ridiculous!

Happy shopping!


07 March 2012

Prim & Prep Ultra Luxe at J. Crew presentation

Time: 8:45am

I usually don't ever make it to early shows. It's a fact I deal with. I'm not what you would call a "morning person". Well regardless of how early it was, I couldn't help but fawn over the refined details at J. Crew F/W 2012. They always have a way of creating alluring silhouettes with unique layering and beautiful prints for a chic ready to wear look that's uber fabulous, yet still practical for the every day woman. I love the irrelevant use of textures and colors. I wouldn't think to put them together. But either way, it works AND I like it.

On a second note, I'm dying to snatch up their new "Tillary" tote in canvas stripe for Spring 2012.


03 March 2012

Historical Musings at Norisol Ferrari Presentation

Norisol Ferrari showed her latest collection on the second to last day at the tents. I almost missed it due to a wardrobe malfunction/train stall on the way to Lincoln Center. So glad I made it 10 minutes before. Just enough time to collectively photograph as I went through each look, one by one. She dresses for a bold woman, which is so refreshing. You see enough of the frilly mumbo jumbo with all the feminine designers all week long (over half that actually show at tents), it was nice to bring a little edge to the table, while taking you on a time traveling experience through several generations of fashion before us. Her modern interpretations give these timeless eras that sense of wearability to an otherwise outdated form of dressing.. Norisol highlights her pieces with explicit attention to detail, meanwhile carefully executing fantasy like silhouettes you could only dream of in a perfect world. 

Another key factor to this was a collaboration with leather designer/blogger, Zana Bayne, of Garbage Dress (who also has done projects with many other NYFW designers this season and in the past). Very subtle, none the less amazing. Your work compliments each other so well! Can't wait to see more in the future<3


02 March 2012

Full on Croc-Effect at Walter presentation

During NYFW, I made sure to drop in at the Empire Hotel for the Walter F/W 2012 presentation. Always fabulously clad, I headed to the penthouse glass rooftop for drinks, music, debauchery and a heavy dose of ready to wear with friends. I was pleasantly delighted to see chic, wearable separates ranging from paneled trench coats and simple throw on dresses, to beautiful tote/bowler bags, and a unique art-deco'ish shoe collaboration with United Nude. One trend I saw carried through out the collection? Peeps of croc-embossed leather in black and mocha on everything (which tied the entire collection together)! I had to shoot the impeccable details to reference later. 

I could definitely introduce a good amount of these pieces into my personal wardrobe. 

I've said it once, i'll say it again..