25 February 2012

Roses in the winter

Photos by Miguel Rodriguez

(Wearing: Rag & Bone beanie, Levi's denim, Thrifted top, necklace, and boots)

I've been feeling so color forward with my outfits lately for it being so cold outside. I guess i'm ready for a new season. Spring is around the corner. We got our first taste of it a few days ago with a sunny 60 degrees. It was such a familiar feeling, I can't wait for it to be like that everyday again. I'm getting so excited to accustom my wardrobe back to light fabrics and sandals again! I already can't stop wearing floral prints and rich colors, so it's almost here.. 

This is my favorite place for downtime. I could sit on the fire escape for hours and just look out at the city. It looks so peaceful from this view.


23 February 2012

Jeremy Scott x Adidas cocktail reception (part TROIS)

Photos of some of the chic debauchery that ensued over the weekend at JS pop up party! 

I wish I would of had my camera at his F/W 2012 show after party at Le Bain. You see the most memorable looks one after another, after another, after another. I noticed a trend of wild hairstyles while I was there, from dreads, to colorful cornrows, to post Andy Warhol hot pink bowl cuts..I had to grab a shot with the man of the hour, Mr. Jeremy himself in a full moccasin look with a bindi look from his collection and Jamie Clayton since we were both adorning bright orange and blue get ups. Check out her transition story in Love Magazine: Issue 5/Androgyny - truly inspiring to the in-between, and an amazing read for everyone. 

Fashion isn't just about clothes, it's a lifestyle full of art, emotion, beauty, and perspective.


Jeremy Scott part DEUX

For those of you who don't live in NYC, take a virtual photo tour with me through the Jeremy Scott pop up shop that opened for a small 2 week period surrounding NYFW featuring some of my favorite archive pieces from the American art-nouveau designer. What attracts me most to his designs is the fact that he still has fun with fashion every season. It never fails. As much as I love high end ready to wear, it's gotten all too serious over the years. Fresh perspectives are definitely in need for the modern society of fashion.


It had the usual boutique feel - plenty of fun clothes, limited edition pieces, and unique merchandising. 

But then the unusual (when it came to decorating) - this sweet Superman-esque mural of JS on the wall & a pink light up hanger in the window that immediately made me think of Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman in the scene where she goes ape shit in her apartment with the pink LED gleaming behind her reading "Hell in here".

As I skimmed through the selection with the JS team, I compiled my "top 5 purchase picks" even though I seriously want it all.

01. "Opulence" money top (Fall/Winter 2008)
02. "The Flintstones" printed pants (Spring/Summer 2010)
03. "Mouse Trap" dial skirt (Fall/Winter 2009)
04. "Greetings from Paradise" overalls (Spring/Summer 2012)
05. "Candy Flip" milk kills shirt (Fall/Winter 2011)
++++ all the bags and shoes

If you're in NYC this week, definitely go check it out. They're closing up shop on February 26! 
Only 3 days away! 


Jeremy Scott part UN

I'm gonna start off saying this, the pros and cons of fashion week always seem to outweigh each other. Of course, who doesn't love a new season full of shows, trends, events, and parties? We all do. But the after effect of all the editing of photos, getting posts ready, and putting them up in a timely manner will just make you want to scream on top of keeping up with the rest of fashion month and your everyday life. So sorry for the delay. But better late, then NEVER.

It's been what seems like a full week of Jeremy Scott in my world. 
Between attending his 90's macintosh meets crazy emoticon hell with a heavy dose of sparkle show last wednesday, checking out his 2 week NYC pop up shop with all my favorite archive pieces from past collections, and attending the ultra glammy cocktail reception he hosted over the weekend with fashions in full force, Italian beefcakes serving champagne, and amazing music + shopping.. 

I think i'm all diva'ed out..
(for this week, of course)

Please excuse the awful cell phone pics, when my camera took a turn for the worst*

Here's a little taste of it all. PS: Don't hate on my for my runway shots, it's completely likely to have a camera + iPhone meltdown at some of your favorite shows during NYFW. (ae; my luck this season with Jeremy Scott, A Wang, Jenni Kayne, Brandon Sun- still working these kinks out)

Check out some of the runway video above ala Elle Mag.
It was a 1990's rave at Milk Studios!


15 February 2012

Talking genderless fashion with DNA.info TV at NYFW

Check out this video featuring myself and a few other boys around the tents at fashion week talking about unisex trends within our own personal style.


Recent press about Crimes of Fashion

Check out some of the recent press about my style & fashion blog...More to come! Was street snapped this week during NYFW by Elle Belgium, Vice Style UK, US weekly, DNA, NY Times Style +++

AOL StyleList
Humans of NY
Wardrobe Trend Fashion - Singapore
DNA.info Men's accessories video

Email me a link if you find anything else. :)

Thanks for your continued support! 


Print blocking at the tents

(Top photo via Vice UK style)

One of my favorites of the different looks i've worn this week during NYFW. I've been playing with playful prints and textures this season and it's definitely showing in my wardrobe. This particular outfit features one of my favorite vintage coats with my newest acclaimed high collared shirt from No Relation + a colorful Joe Fresh sweater, red leather pants, and my beloved pony hair Opening Ceremony x Dr. Marten Darcie boots. Adding the charm to my collar gives it an authentic Marni vibe, don't ya think?


Digital Girl at Prabal Gurung F/W 2012

You gain some, you lose some..

I had the honor of attending the Prabal Gurung F/W 2012 show over the weekend at the IAC building, and boy was I in for a treat. I've been a huge fan for several seasons now, but this is the first time i've had the chance to see his collection in person! So I jumped on it.  There were so many highs for me! I loved the insect jewelry/accessories done by Dana Lorenz of Fenton/Fallon, the collaboration of gold shoes with Nicholas Kirkwood, the trippy digital prints of mushrooms, floor length beaded gowns, blade runner makeup, Balenciage-esque tennis visors,and last but not least his feminine approach to a classic varsity jacket by adding frilly textures that glittered in the light like diamonds. Need I say more? Oooh la la. Does anyone else see a major 90's grunge made glamorous kind of attitude? He is proving that he can make a darker aesthetic look luxurious and feel ethereal. He is establishing his name as a household brand. I hope it's not a temporary setting because he has the potential to be a legend in the making. Stay tuned!

PS: I had that moment in every fashionistas life, where the stakes are raised and you get thrown into the shark pool of editors and the fashion elite. My seat was interestingly placed behind Zoe Saldana & Michelle Harper, and DIRECTLY across from Anna Wintour and her colleague, so I put my camera zoom to good use and got her first reactions after the collection was over with. I managed to speak with her for a moment after it was over to get her thoughts on Prabal + tell her what a great job she is doing in the new year with the magazine. I felt pretty major after that! She's a huge influence in the fashion industry, regardless if you support Vogue or not! It was a 50/50 day. Gained a few shows I'd never seen, but managed to miss my beloved Sally LaPointe's show by about 90 seconds. First time in 4 season of going, and my camera acted up during Alexander Wang! DOUBLE OUCH!
(Pictured with fellow style mavens, IDIOSYNCRATIC FASHIONISTAS, Valerie&Jean)

Also as I was walking out, I managed to get snapped by legendary style photog, Bill Cunningham for the NY Times Sunday Styles. Let me know if someone finds a clipping of it! I didn't get the paper that day!

More of my coverage from this week will slowly be surfacing, I'm just trickling it out as I have time between all the shows! If you're here in NYC, enjoy the last few days we have here before it moves to London!