30 January 2012


Finally broke down and bought the Moschino watch I was saving loose cash for over the last few months! So glad it's finally mine. The red leather and the colorful jewel tone inserts make it a perfect watch for spring. If you read my last post, you know i'm on a red craze lately. It's not stopping anytime soon! 

I was originally gonna go for a classic Michael Kors, but then I realized...EVERYONE HAS IT, AND I'M DEFINITELY NOT EVERYONE. So I went for something a little more personal. I think this is pretty dead on for my style! And what fashionisto doesn't love the quirky accessories from Moschino!?


28 January 2012

Red Leather

Photos by Nathan Chavez

(Wearing: Jil Sander Tneck, AA button up, gifted Hugo Boss sequin jacket, Silence + Noise pants, Dr. Marten boots, Helmut Lang bag, UO hat, Ray Ban sunglasses)

I've recently developed a new liking towards the color red. I have never really been a fan of wearing it, much less owning any of it. But something has changed over the last year or so..I've done a complete 360 and am currently all about it. Not to mention, it's the color of the season. It's all over the runways during SS12 shows and just in time for February 14. Maybe I wont completely rebel on Valentines Day this year. Okay, maybe just a little! ;)

In other news, time to start the official countdown! Fashion week begins in 11 days! And the invites are starting to trickle in! Looking forward to doing coverage at Lincoln Center/Milk Studios. So check back here for constant personal coverage of what i'm doing and where i'm at! PS: beyond excited to see what my girl Sally LaPointe is presenting this time! eek!


26 January 2012

Hugo Boss x Bryan Boy x Crimes of Fashion

(a sneak preview of the look i'm posting tomorrow!)

I figured I would post a few photos from yesterday featuring my new Hugo Boss sequined tuxedo jacket. It was going to all be together tomorrow, but I just couldn't wait any longer. 
Here's the deets..

I'll start off with saying, i'm jaded when it comes to pure luck because lets be honest, I'VE NEVER HAD IT. So come to my surprise when I recently entered a contest on Bryan Boy's blog for a chance to own one of the 250 limited edition fall 2011 HB runway jackets courtesy of Hugo Boss. Sure enough, about a week ago I opened my email to find a message from Miss Boss herself that started with congratulations! I immediately scrolled through the message like 3x. I couldn't believe it. I actually won my first contest. Not just any contest..it wasn't for a gift card or some crappy door prize, but for a priceless piece of fashion to add to my growing inventory (aka closet). Now lets fast forward to today. Picture me glittering all over the Lower East Side in my outrageous day look that I just couldn't get enough of. It was one of "those" moments! This jacket will definitely be a lovely addition to my closet. Thank god this is one point for karma instead of my bank account!

Thanks so much to Bryan Boy and the entire PR team at Hugo Boss in Berlin!
It's gonna be one of my staples during fashion week in NYC next month.


Dreaming of Celine on a winter day

 Photos by Miguel Rodriguez

(Wearing: Silence + Noise blazer, Zara pants, beanie, & orange shawl, HM tunic, Joe Fresh wrap, BR boots, Ray Ban sunglasses, Helmut Lang bag, & vintage belt)

I found this awesome silk tunic recently that got me thinking about the Celine resort collection campaign from last year featuring Daria Werbowy as a super chic surfer girl with a skateboard on the go. It's nice to reference anything regarding warmer weather with it being so cold in January! I don't know how I'd manage without all these layers of fur wraps I've been purchasing lately. I think I've bought 5 in the last few months from random places all over the city. And they make great company for a stroll in Fort Greene park by my new apt. I'm noticing a lot of fuzzy textures circulating through my wardrobe this season, but I'll talk about that in another post..The belt I found randomly from an antique store in the village (*my friends thought it was hideous, but I found something very striking about the shape, so I got it). I tend to ask for someones opinion, and then go with my choice anyways. :)

It's all about miniscule details...
Everyone will notice, I promise!


22 January 2012

First Snow

( Wearing: Wilson's leather jacket, All Saints sweater, Levi's jeans, Helmut Lang bag, Ray Ban sunnies, vintage button up, shoes, & bandana)

First and foremost, I know i've said this so much lately, but i'm sorry for the lack in updates! I'm finally settled and unpacked in my new apt. So i'm trying to get back on my regular schedule.

We finally had our first real dose of winter weather today in NYC. I woke up to 8 inches of snow on the ground and my room freezing! Instead of cooping myself inside all day, I figured i'd go out and enjoy it before this becomes a regular scenario. Lets just say i've became a master of layering over the last 2 years living here, and this is just another example of it. I found this great button up from Wasteland in LA, I love the color combo and it gets more wear then most of my clothes. I always seem to grow really attached to specific items in my closet. I've got a tight grip on this one.


12 January 2012

A touch of Jade

 (Photo via AWayToDress)

(Wearing: HM sweater, Whyred jeans, BR boots, Fresh stole, vintage vest)

I was on the phone outside my work the other day when a lovely street style photog, Steffen Hedlund, came up and snapped a few photos of my outfit. I must say, it's always refreshing (even when you devote your entire life to fashion and trends) when someone takes time out of their day to come up and tell you they love what you're wearing. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of an important phone conversation so I tried to give a look while multi-tasking. End result? I think my pout came out a little angry, but I'm still loving my all black ensemble w/ a touch of color from the jewel toned fur stole.<--She has quickly became my BFF. And transitions so well from day to night..I've recently been throwing it on over everything. Not to mention it looks like crushed velvet in the sun. *melts*


09 January 2012

When East meets West

photo via Colette

If you haven't noticed, intricate prints are taking the fashion scene by storm over the last few seasons. After seeing the same black "looks" for a consecutive number of seasons, print finally made it's way back into recent designer collections. 

First it started with showcasing light, easy on the eyes patterns, then quickly moved to the mixing/matching of patterns, and now we're at a full blown head to toe trending moment of prints. I've got to say the latest and greatest creation for me has got to be the Longchamp x Mary Katrantzou duo for Spring 2012. What an ideal artistry team. We all have our reasoning: I'll always appreciate Longchamp for their classic wearable totes and Mary K for her futuristic and funky visions for ready to wear. Together they made a KILLER bag that highly represents both designers perspectives. I love the finished product. Check out the rest of the styles here.

I'm dreaming up a major look at the moment..Picture me carrying this around the city with a coloful button up shirt, structured hat, and a pair of ivory trousers for Spring. AHEM!

This is definitely going on my wish list for next season!


03 January 2012

Fashitorial #8: Super Natural - Spring 2012 Inspiration

(photos via NewHongKongFashion)

Editorial: Super Natural
Publication: Dazed & Confused January 2012
Photographer: Yelena Yemchuk
Styling: Karen Langley
Model: Julia Frauche

I'm a little gaga over this editorial for the current January 2012 issue of Dazed & Confused. Talk about a flower fantasy explosion. Just the kind of therapy I need right now with the sub zero temperatures here in NY. This magazine always finds a way to make each and every editorial innovative, giving you a SUPER NATURAL feeling that isn't available for purchase. Thanks to this, I'm now having day dreams of frolicking through Fern Gully wearing all the latest and greatest 3D floral prints and pieces from SS12. So get on my level. 

More importantly, my friend Bradley Callahan from up and coming label B. Calla made the opening page of the spread! They featured his custom made digital print top that is a sight for sore eyes! Keep close tabs on him this year for future endeavors of utter fabulousity. He's quite the character, as are his creations.  feeling. I guess the name says it all.