31 December 2011

Glitter Bomb

My three favorite items in my closet right now are definitely these glittery Dr. Marten's Darcie 8 eye boots + Whyred racer strip denim pants + Silence x Noise blue fuzzy cardigan. I scooped all of these up this week during the mad rush of after Christmas sales and I'm so happy with the final results. They're all so wearable in my closet and each have enough unique detail to stand out on their own.

I love the feeling of a new piece that you swoon over.


Postcards away from home

While I was visiting Dallas for Christmas last week, I had a chance to stop by the new Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit that was on display at the Dallas Museum of Art. It featured 5 different themes that represented JPG's particular design aesthetic. There was a lot of focus on sexual identification misplacement and the modern transformation of roles through fashion. 

I think my new chunky fuzz ball of a sweater pairs perfectly with these photos...anyways, about those..I picked up these lovely postcards with amazing images of past fashion moments brought to you by Gaultier. I'm saving up to buy the book because it was quite pricy in the gift shop. But it's more then worth it to add to my growing collection of fashionable coffee table reads!


Barney's NY x Gaga Holiday Workshop

For those of you who weren't in NYC this Christmas and didn't get to check out the Lady Gaga collaboration workshop at Barney's, here are my photos from my trip to see it. Overall, it was pretty awesome, and I loved all the visual work...but I expected more!

Below are my top 5 picks from the shop:
(in no particular order)

1. Assume Vivid Astro Focus book
2. Platform heeled stockings
3. Black rhinestone & crystal embossed cut out gloves
4. Swarovski crystal golden tea cup
5. Intricate face carved candle molds

I wonder if this is going to become an annual event..?


Bergdorf Goodman 2011 Holiday Windows

These are some fabulous shots I took of the Bergdorf's window displays that are currently up at the store. If you read my blog this time last year, you'd know I always take pictures of the holiday set ups. They are my absolute favorite. I love all the ornate details and priceless couture! This years theme was Carnival of Animals. It definitely beats last years, and I didn't think that was possible. 

Oh, I love you so much.