29 November 2011

There goes another one

Apparently H&M wastes no time with keeping the fashion ball rolling. They've just announced this morning their next designer collaboration for the Spring 2012 season will be Marni! I'm so excited! I feel like this is going to start being a repeat in my life...getting excited for collaborations. Some of my favorite designers have joined the forces of contributing to mass retailers on a high end luxury scale. For those who weren't brave enough to try the bold Versace x H&M prints, you're in luck next season. Not only is Marni realistically wearable compared to many other ready to wear brands, but this will be your only chance to ever get your hands on it without paying an arm and a leg, literally. With no mid range sister label from Marni offering the same design qualities for a more affordable price point, you'll just have to wait for this experience! Their vision will focus deeply into the history of the label and reinvent the classic repertoire of the dream Marni gal! 

So excited for details to further,  
I know the prints are gonna be UH-MAZING

Until then! I'll be waiting..patiently.


28 November 2011

The perfect shrunken sweater

  (Wearing:Lamb+Flag sweater, AA button up, Levi's denim, Vintage necklace + belt)

Came home to this lovely package waiting at my door from up & coming LA based label, Lamb + Flag! Inside was an amazing shrunken knit sweater that is the perfect length for layering this fall. Another great aspect of it is the color, which CAN'T be beat. It's like a pumpkin-ish burnt orange and pairs great with black and many different shades of brown! I'm excited to experiment more with it in upcoming looks. It's getting chilly in NYC, so I couldn't think of a better time to start stocking up on key sweaters for this season!

Check out more from the L+F here


19 November 2011

Versace x H&M private pre shopping event

I attended the Versace x H&M private pre shopping event at the 5th avenue location last night with a friend for fabulous clothes, fashion faces, and cocktails + hors d'oeuvres GALORE! H&M really goes above and beyond to throw the kick off parties for the celebrated collaborations. It was a five star extravaganza by 7:30pm with all the perfect surroundings. I had such a great time. I'm also glad I was able to beat the heat of the lines and shop in a stress free setting with free flowing champagne and bumpin' music! I wish I would of taken more pictures of the yummy gourmet snacks and drinks that were going back and forth through the crowds all evening. It was ALL about presentation! But I was too busy shopping the collection!! It was a packed party for sure!
By the time we left at 10:30 pm-ish, there were already over 150 people waiting in line to get in this morning around 7:00am!!!! that's over 10 hours of waiting and it's 29 degrees outside! SO CRAZY. I guess some really prove their loyalty to the brand OR is this another Missoni x Target Long Island housewife situation where they buy up all the merch just to RE-hawk it on ebay and other sites! UGH they ruin the fun for true fashionistas! 

On to what I bought:
First off, sorry for the sloppy photos, I wanted to get them up ASAP before the downpour of VxHM comes rolling in later today and tomorrow. But anyways, I contemplated getting everything I wanted, but then I chose not to go OVERBOARD like some people buying 2 of every piece. I wanted to choose a few selections that really represented the true symbolism of my favorite gaudy Italian label because I know you'll see it all over the streets in a week. So I went for the risky pieces. And remember! It's all about HOW YOU WEAR IT

Individuality WORKS.

 I went for bold prints, bright colors, and the overall flamboyance of Versace with a Miami Vice twist...
I'm in love with my pieces that I got, especially the skirt. It's a perfect representation of Gianni Versace circa late 1980's when his archives truly came alive! Who knows I might go back for some of the low key accessories and the amazing japanese printed denim jacket that NOBODY seemed to be interested in last night. CRAZY PEOPLE. 

As for the shoppers who are braving the madness this morning nationwide, and by my watch should be getting in any minute now since it's almost 8am here in NYC. I have one little tip..


Collaboration shopping is complete madness and can be messy. Be prepared when you go in! Know what you want and don't hesitate buying something now. You can suffer from buyer's remorse later! Good luck!

Happy Saturday!


18 November 2011

Flower Fantasy

(Wearing: J. Crew cardigan, Levi's jeans, Vintage shirt + shoes, Ray Ban sunglasses)

I found this great collared shirt last weekend during brunch in St Marks at this hole in the wall vintage store for 5 DOLLARS. Say it with me now... only 5 dollars? That's less then a deli sandwich or a pack of cigarettes, and it will definitely outlast both items! But it's a definite showstopper with the vintage print and vibrant colors. It's always a breath of fresh air when you find a statement piece to add to your wardrobe when you weren't even searching. IT FOUND YOU, so it was obviously meant to be. I immediately thought of the Jil Sander SS11 vibe with florals.

Off to the pre Versace x H&M event they're having tonight before it launches in the US tomorrow. 

Bring on cocktails, h'ordeurves, and amazing Versace archives!


17 November 2011

Erotic Modesty

(Wearing: Rubin & Chapelle tunic, Levi's denim jeans, Alexander Wang boots)

I've recently started working at a great womenswear boutique in the Meatpacking district called Rubin & Chapelle. Let's just say i'm a little obsessed with the impressive techniques that make R+C stand apart from other up and coming brands, especially from a metropolitan as large as NYC with many emerging, talented designers. Simple cuts, luxurious silks, and perfect execution are a few of the extraordianary qualities you'll find within our shop, designed by AnnaBelle Seldorf (also known for designing Neue gallery, many notable residents in NY, and Anna Wintour's summer home). The free standing store is an old meat locker space turned boutique with concrete walls and exposed ceilings. Her choice of minimal architecture and a unique sense of character off sets the simplistic beauty of the clothes for an overall invigorating shopping experience. I took a photo of myself wearing one of my favorite organza/silk tunics that are individually hand-dyed from the SS12' collection titled "Erotic Modesty" that will debut this spring. 

Come see me at :
410 W. 14th St
New York, NY 10014
Mondays & Tuesdays


11 November 2011

Early November

Yowza! What a week it's been. The weather has been a god send here in NYC. Usually around this time, it's already frigid and i'm in need of warm drinks constantly to keep my body from falling into a state of hypothermia due to my Texas roots! :P But luckily, we've had spring-like weather all week long, so i'm enjoying it before I'm stuck inside for the next 4 months hibernating during the cold winters here. And to add to that, i'm ready to bundle up in chunky knits and long trousers for the rest of the season. I'm pretty much over my summer wardrobe until next year. 

Anyways, I spent the entire day roaming around Brooklyn and ended my afternoon in Central Park. The trees are finally changing colors and shedding leaves, which are forming massive piles of colorful foliage all over the place. I love it. This is definitely my favorite time of year on the east coast. Next up, Thanksgiving. And my birthday next month! Sagittarius' are on the verge of being in full effect!

It's been one hell of a year..
I hope this reaches you well, wherever you are.


09 November 2011

My house, my rules, my pleasure

(video via Daphnelovesmeblog)

What are your thoughts on the new Versace x H&M fashion film directed by Donatella Versace? It's the latest and greatest sneak peak into the flamboyant fashionable label's up and coming collaboration. It just recently surfaced and in my opinion is killing it with the model selection! It's featuring 2 top model it girl's of the moment: Daphne Groeneveld + Lindsey Wixson. It seems like they are portraying extremely chic marionette life size dolls dipped head to toe in the house archives while being thrown around the Versace palace under the control of Donatella. Kind of devious. Kind of amazing. Kind of Versace. No surprise coming from the gaudy fantasies of one of my favorite Italian labels. The private launch party was hosted last night at Pier 57 in Chelsea with a full runway show and performances by Nicki Minaj & Prince among a crowd of the fashion elite. For more deets & photos from the event, check out the entire write up on my featured blogger network here! I'm counting down the days, minutes, and hours to get my hands on a few hot ticket items which comes out worldwide November 17. Which store will you be hitting up? I'll be covering a few Manhattan area locations early that morning decked out in my homage look to the late & great Gianni V. So if you see a crazy person in wild colors at 6am, no worries it's just me! :P

Can't wait!


01 November 2011

I'll be your teenage dream, tonight


Here's a quick look at the scene last night in the underground dungeon at Gallery Bar! After plans were changed a million and one times, I ended up at the Mark Ronson x Milk Studios halloween party at the Dream Hotel in the Meatpacking. It was the usual crowd of fashionistas, models, randoms, and plenty of party goer's. I honestly love Halloween. It was so fun seeing everyone dressed up in different costumes + I had too much fun trying to figure out what half the people were portraying! I will say I was so happy to finally meet Andrej Pejic in person. He is such an inspiration to the future of fashion and in my own personal androgynous movement. He's a beautiful creature inside and out. Anyways, back to what I wore..Teenage Dream by Katy Perry randomly came on my music shuffle while I was trying to get ready and then it clicked! I was gonna be the ideal "teen dream" chic that was in all the movies when you were younger. I went with a Tom Cruise feel in the white button up, but added a varsity jacket, hot red lips, and shorts...25 minutes later I was the total dreamboat waiting on the sidelines for my man to score a winning touchdown while wearing his  letterman jacket!  A total Betty! Funny, eh?

At least some people totally got it! Love being spontaneous
Until next year!