30 September 2011

Canal St

(Wearing: Le Tigre sweater, Levi's shorts, Missoni x Target knee highs, Zara boots, Ecote backpack, market earrings, vintage sunglasses)

I went to the open markets up and down Canal Street the other day and enjoyed wearing my trusty knit out on the town for the first time this year. The weather is cooling down in NY and i'm so excited to start pulling out some of my favorite sweaters for this earl stint of fall weather we're currently having. Usually by October i'm living in cashmere every day, and it's no different this time. Nothing beats a perfect go to piece.

This reminds me...it's time to start coat/trouser shopping...


27 September 2011

Feast of San Gennaro

It's definitely that time of year again. I always get so excited for the week after the spring collections every September in NYC. If you're a New Yorker, i'm obviously hinting at the 85th annual Feast of San Gennaro that took place in Little Italy over the last 10 days, and my stomach is still currently recovering.. On the agenda? Traditional Italian food, wine, art, culture, religion...oh and more cuisine to be exact! It's always a great time with friends. And this year was very special embarking the eighty fifth year of the festival. I was sure to get a piece of the HUGE anniversary cake they were celebrating with. Also, if you're looking for a "guido" ladies, you'll be sure to find one here. Of course I witnessed all the usual stereotypes while trotting booth to booth in the streets: your typical Italiano, a crime family, an extremely fat father canoodling pizza & pasta, the Fabio, the old babushka's in head scarfs, and so on. I could keep going forever! Therefore, I'm not sure which is better..the food or the sights? :P So much free entertainment laughing at the ironic situations in life while being surrounded with anything and everything great about Italy.

So for my favorite hole-in-the-wall lasagna, a scoop of gelato, and fresh zappole & canoli..

I'll be waiting!

Until next year


Printed pony

Just recently got the Dr. Marten x Opening Ceremony printed pony hair boots WAY on sale, and I can't take my eyes off of them. I haven't worn them out yet, but i've definitely done my share of walking around my apt in them planning a future look. The heel is the perfect height to add an extra oomph to any outfit you're wearing. And the white/black print is a great contrast to mix with some of my other fall pairings. Now just waiting for the weather to even out a bit more and i'll take these baby's out on the town.

I like them so much, I may get the other pair in snakeskin print as well!


25 September 2011

No place like home

It's officially a week after NYFW came to an end here in the big apple, and i've been in bed sick ever since. I guess all that running around between shows and events wore my body down to the point of getting the flu. UGH! But i'm finally back to myself and am prepping for what the next few months is holding for me. Lots of upcoming projects, traveling, work, etc. I can't wait to share it with you. I've been spending as much time outside as possible while the weather still permits. I love watching the sunset on my roof with good friends. These are the memories i'll hold on to forever. I'll miss this view when I move into my new apt in the next few weeks!

Hard work, good vibes, & positive energy are keeping my sprit alive!


18 September 2011

Partying with POPluxe

My fabulous friend Richie Rich from Heatherette launched his new line, PopLuxe with Ross Higgins at LAVO club in Uptown to close fashion week on Tuesday. It was also a proud moment for 2 of my girlfriends walking the show. It's nice to get away from the traditional NYFW festivities and prepare for glitter, glam, and fun from the boys who do it best. If there is such thing as a warrior diva, that would have been the theme. Richie is always known for having celebrities walk in his show, and this time it was Ice T's wife, Coco. She was beyond hilarious, I loved her and her HUGE boobs, to say the least..I caught up with Kirstie Alley who was sitting near me front row and had to get her thoughts on the show + the gossip on her recent weight loss. She looked stunning in a size 4, which is a huge change from her role on "Fat Actress".

 All in all, it was a great night with friends.


14 September 2011


Attended Sophia Theallet SS12 show at Milk yesterday. Even though my style is urban and edgy, I can always appreciate the looks I could never pull off myself. One being feminine numbers and chic, soft silhouettes. She really knows how to dress a woman. When I think of her client, i'd imagine a poised, elegant mother of 3 on the UES of Manhattan pushing a baby bjorn in pumps.. Enough said. After reviewing many of the collections this fashion week, it looks like color blocking is here to stay for another year. It's a great trend, but will it actually stay fresh or burn out? I'm seeing mass retailers producing bold, colorful solids by the thousands everywhere I go. Eesh. Leave it one of them to ruin a good thing. But i'll take a full printed skirt any day. Lets try a new technique. Instead of color blocking, i'm all about mismatching prints. 

It may be distracting when focusing on an outfit with 4 patterns,
but it's fun and fabulous if done right!


13 September 2011

Viva La Missoni part 2

(Wearing: Vintage tee + sheer jacket, Missoni x Target tights, Zara boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Chanel sunglasses, Missoni nails)

If you keep up with my blog, then you obviously read about my huge excitement for the new Missoni x Target collection to come out. I've always loved Margherita's wild, bold prints on EVERYTHING. And finally she designs something a little more affordable and in my price range. Perfect match made in heaven. Well today was finally the day. It was stocked in stores nationwide and will be till October 22. I got up super early and headed to the Brooklyn location. By 9am everything was gone, and it was an episode of Stepford Wives waiting in line. These Long Island women were getting malicious for Missoni. I guess that's cute. They were all sold out of everything but these solid brown signature print, so I had to have something. But then, my mother came to the rescue. She got up early and went for me in Texas (with my hopes of NOBODY in Texas knowing or caring about the collaboration). We were shopping via picture text since she's across country and i'm in an out of fashion shows all week. It was definitely cute. She got me every piece I wanted + the cute comforter for my newish apt when I get it. Can't for my new pieces to arrive so I can wear them. The anticipation is wearing me down. LOL I'm officially ready for fall.


I'm happier then a clam. So happy, and you'll love my fall interpretation of Missoni on my nails. 
3D art is LEGIT, end of story.