30 July 2011

Couture vs. Architectural Design

(Photos via Yatzer, Fashiongonerogue)

Highlights from Iris Van Herpen:
"Capriole" Couture F/W 2011 

She takes fashion beyond the next level. Combining elements of avant garde & geometric design to create one of a kind pieces. Even though she's new to showing during fashion week, the Danish designer is quickly attaining her place in the couture elite. 


29 July 2011

HiStyley x Jared Allred

(Howl dress, DDL leggings, Silence x Noise vest, Cole Haan oxfords, Prada glasses, vintage necklace)

On my latest trip back west to LA, I met up with street style photog, EvaLotta Danforth of HiStyley, for a mini photo-shoot of a few looks I'm wearing at the moment and an interview! She's doing a new segment highlighting underground stylists in and around the fashion industry. I was more then pleased to take up the offer! So great working with her! She's so inspired by everything around her, and it's a great energy to collaborate with...

(Vivienne Westwood sweater, Silence x Noise shorts, Deena & Ozzy wedges, Marc Jacobs clutch, vintage sunglasses & pins)

To check out the full interview + photos and everything HiStyley, check out her website here!

I cant wait for more projects with here when she visits NYC in the future!


28 July 2011


The premiere of the latest ready to wear short film was held at a secluded Beverly Hills mansion in LA for the house of Miu Miu last week. I would of loved to have been at the screening with many of the most influential trendsetters & leaders in fashion! It set such an eerie mood with the opening scene, which showcases each of the models crawling out of a small corner window on a house boat. It was haunting, yet beautiful. Another plus was it featured some of my favorite pieces from the Miu Miu F/W 2011 collection back in March during Milan Fashion Week.

Everything from the setting, to the styling, to the presentation, to the models was PERFECT.

(photos via Style, Google, & Stylebust)

I hope to see more fashion film shorts from some of my other favorite designers in the future!


27 July 2011

Currently living in

(Guess shirt, Staring at Stars hat, Kimchi Blue sandals, Ecote backpack, and all vintage gold jewelry)

These are my summer must-have's that I ABSOLUTELY can't live without. I'm in love with the basic pieces of my wardrobe that are getting me day to day at the moment. Of course, i'm swapping them out with plenty of other similar pieces. But you get the idea!

What are you wearing in your closet?


23 July 2011

Remembering Amy

I'm sure you've all heard, but in case you missed the news. The jazzy soul diva, Amy Winehouse was pronounced dead this morning at her home in London. 

Regardless of her inner demons, she had an amazing talent and will be truly missed. I just wish some could seek help before it's too late. But instead of remembering her for what she lacked, i'll always remember that raspy, beautiful voice of hers!

She's a modern blues legend that followed in the footsteps of many other amazing musicians.

Her songs always painted a picture perfect silhouette for me. 
I just think of a simple life back in the days of black & white

Each lyric is completely personal and that's what was so unique about her.

And just like many other icon's like Jimmi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, & Kurt Cobain, she died at the haunting age of 27 from an overdose. 

I'll have the Back to Black album on repeat all day today. 
Especially her acoustic version of "Valarie"

(photos via google)

R.I.P darling. Watch down over us with all the other amazing people up there!
I'll never forget your epic performance I had the pleasure of seeing a few years back..


21 July 2011

Scene Shapers: Gender Bender Bloggers by StyleCaster

My amazing girl, Susie G (assistant editor at SC offices/street style blogger in NYC) wrote this wicked awesome piece about my blog & I for the "what's next" category in the future of fashion! She focused on highlighting my gender bending ways and applauding my efforts in the underground scene of the Manhattan chic-elite! So excited for it to come out, and really appreciative that there are people worldwide who appreciate my courageous efforts in and around the fashion industry. I live for fashion, art, music, and anything that inspires me on a daily basis..and i'm so happy to share it with you!


check out the article here


17 July 2011

Missed Connection?


After reviewing the latest Christian Dior Fall 2011 Couture collection...I can't seem to get Peg Boggs and the infamous Avon ladies out of my head from the 1990 hit, Edward Scissorhands. There is a strange connection linking the two. I'm not sure if it's the matronly form of dress or just all the right pastels..I can't quite put my finger on it. But if this movie was teleported to 2011, this would be the modern mannequins of these fabulous women! What do you think?

This was the first collection Bill Gaytten designed as the head creative director of Christian Dior/John Galliano. I must say, the tailoring was impeccable and I loved the festive prints, colors, and headpieces. But good things must always come to an end. It turned into a trainwreck towards the end. It didn't make much sense to me as a whole collection. I didn't see a cohevise theme and grew tired by look 20. Nobody will ever be able to replace or go to the extent of John Galliano, but afterall not every single collection from the late famed designer was loved by the critics...so i'll watch closely over the next few seasons before I make a decision on his efforts!

(photos via google & IMDB)

 Can't get this out of my head!



16 July 2011

The Modern Model Fanzine

Have you heard? LoveCat magazine is the newest high end editorial to hit the NYC fashion circuit. Filled with hi res photos of some of your favorite icons + new models on the scene. You'll be immersed within the likes of Paz, Linda V, Chanel Iman, and more! I was so excited to style a few of the shoots and contribute to the very first piece!

The Summer of Sex Issue

We were going for a very simple, "just woke up and threw my hair up" kind of look, to a capture the models in their natural light. They were quick concepts, but still stand strong alone! I loved the cute commentary at the bottom as well where the models answer a few quick personal questions!

The issue will be available in LA/NYC/PARIS/LONDON/TOKYO.

If you're in NYC, pick it up at the following:

Opening Ceremony
Pat Field's
Gasosian Store

Jackson McNally
St Marks Bookshop

Find all other locations online!

If you haven't seen it yet, or want to see the rest of the issue...check it out online here

PS: While on the subject, read this StyleCaster article ft. Lovecat!


13 July 2011

Fashitorial #4- Life on Planet Tilda

(Photos via Wmagazine.com)

This is one of my favorite editorials I've seen in quite awhile. Magazines world wide have been stepping up this year in full force for their monthly fashion spreads. And of course W Mag always brings luxury and haute couture to a new level.. With pieces ranging from small NY based designers like Chris Benz, and couture one of a kinds from the likes of Margiela, Rick Owens, and Stella McCartney..this editorial is one you WON'T want to miss. This is a precursor of whats to come in fashion. I've got such a futuristic war lord feel from looking at these photos. Plus, T Swinton is a woman beyond her years when it comes to style & prescense. Who else do you know that would go bald for a shoot? Only Tilda! She's a beautiful being starring in the wake of controversy.

I absolutely LOVE her. 

Editorial: Tilda Swinton - Planet Tilda
Publication: W Magazine, August 2011
Photographer: Tim Walker
Styling: Jacob Kjeldgaard