30 April 2011


It's a new year full of new beginnings, including my newest project as part of the blogger network on AOL's fashion network, the STYLELIST.



The new home to CRIMES OF FASHION. Your source to anything and everything fashion related. From runway reports, to personal style and inspiration. You'll always be guilty, but never less glamorous.

(Check it out here!)


29 April 2011


Lately, i've been searching for my favorite inspirations that I will use as a base point for my summer wardrobe, AND I KEEP COMING BACK TO ALL THESE AMAZING 90's ACCESSORIES. Mostly Chanel, and mostly because of the Lil Kim videos from the 90's that I was raised on. They're pretty amazing. She always had the best sunglasses and accessories. It was funny how a woman with such a "bad bitch" attitude could look so incredibly amazing, while embodying everything that was CHANEL.

(Crush on you by Lil Kim)

(Get Money by Notorious BIG)

and for being such a fan, Uncle Karl repaid the baddest bitch with a new bag that was meant to be hers with a ridiculous price..

Some of my favorite Chanel accessories:

and some of my favorite ad's from that era :)

So amazing! I've always been such a huge fan of the Parisian label. They always made a woman look so glamorous, for a definite price! XD

I cant wait to see what I end up pairing together. But the weather is always a definite deal breaker in certain situations. But i'll definitely be documenting the whole time i'm gone. I'm packing as we speak for 3 months, and it's still IMPOSSIBLE. I leave in the morning for Dallas. Cant wait to see my family and friends!

Bon Voyage, New York!
I'll see you in August!


28 April 2011

Spring details at Bergdorfs

If you've been reading for awhile, you definitely know my OBSESSION with my favorite department store, which I usually cant afford but am still in awe with every moment of LIFE. Yeah, Bergdorf Goodman. Well as a fellow New Yorker, thousands flock past the store every season to check out the extravagant window displays that their creative team puts out. And I can't help but indulge in tons of photos over a total of 5 or 6 displays. CRAZY, I know...But, spring has finally sprung, as have all the latest collections which are splattered across all the windows. Details are always HUGE with me. They pay such specific attention to detail and it's always satisfying. 


24 April 2011

694 Metropolitan Easter Soiree

Just got home from an amazing gathering at my blogger friend, Lacee Swan's loft in BK for an Easter celebration. Food, drinks, good people and plenty of bubbly to go around! Took so many great photos!

The food was the best part, besides being with old friends and new friends on an amazing sunday afternoon in NY! :)

and here is a few awesome detail shots of peoples outfits :)

In the mean time! Enjoy!

Happy Easter!


NY photo diary [part2]

(Rose petals on the floor at Bunker, My new Xinnatex top, Shadows, Diamonds in the ruff at Erickson Beamon, Necklace from Theodora & Callum, Up-close shot of my ankle spats from Posso, Nightlife at the Soho Grand Club Room, Mysterious chandeliers at Home Sweet Home, Self Portrait, Cheap biblical candles from Little Mexico, Rainy daze, Backstage at Jeremy Scott F/W 11', Crowd at the Stylelikeu launch party at 1Oak, Backstage at Sally LaPointe F/W 11', Susie G making funny faces, Traffic in the LES.)