29 March 2011

A day in the park

(Wearing: Fred Segal tie dyed tunic, AA leggings, Saks Fifth Avenue sequin bomber, We Who See suede wedges, Posso the Spat ankle spats, cuff, and belt, Chanel sunglasses, H&M beanie, Tiffany's bean necklace, vintage jewelry and satchel)

Spring is finally in the air. You never know with NYC weather. It goes back and forth pretty frequently. It was expected to be 74 degrees and I made a mad dash with a fierce outfit and my camera to Central Park. Along with spring, i'm shedding myself of the color black as a main factor in every outfit and all my layered winter looks. Time to start referencing recent shows for my new wardrobe for the season. Already picked up some awesome pieces. There will be a post of new finds i've came across very soon. 

I love coming to the park. It's so peaceful out here in a city full of chaos. But it never stays too long, back to the reality that there is snow in the forecast for this weekend! 

Time to get ready! Headed to the New York Fashion Film Festival this evening to check out the latest and greatest in fashion documentaries and shorts!


27 March 2011


Why Dont You Love Me? - Beyonce Knowles

Has anyone seen this new video!? I like Beyonce but i'm not much of a TV type so I don't keep up with her music videos. But I LOVE THIS. The styling, presentation, quality, and pizazz is all so on point. It's so cute, but even through the story she pulls DIVA fierce all across the board.

Does anyone know who the stylist is? I've been trying to figure it out, but still haven't managed to find it. Although the song just came out!

I love the vintage take with a modern twist. She looks gorgeous and I am a fan of each look (which happens to be like 6)! There were quite a few hautefit changes for the making of this!

What do you think?



25 March 2011

Behind the Scenes with Lara Stone

(photos via Stylecaster.com)

These shots were taken on set while shooting the new editorial "One of a Kind" for W Magazine by Alex White. Lara Stone obviously the cover girl and looking absolutely stunning in looks provided by Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, and Jil Sander just to name a few. It was shot by Craig McDean at Pier 59 Studios here in NYC. I cant wait to see the entire editorial! This is a sneak preview to keep us on hold til the REAL spread comes out! Cant wait!

For more looks behind the scenes, check out Alex White's new blog and other amazing fashion moments she includes in her online scrapbook! Take a looksie!




23 March 2011


(all images via google.com)

I'm extremely sad to report that the great and now late Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor died this morning due to her ongoing battle with congestive heart failure. She was 79. Elizabeth was one of the last living legends of our time, especially on my list! With all the fabulous women i've looked up to for years quickly passing faster then time itself, I wonder where the next generation's inspiration and drive will come from...hopefully not some of the quick rise to fame tragedies like KE$HA or Lohan.

One of the attributes I will always remember about her is her eternal and effortless GLAMOUR. Rock like diamonds clad to her chest, plunging necklines on priceless gowns, beautiful hair, luxurious jewelry, and the perfect hourglass figure that shaped the must have silhouette of the 40's, 50's, and 60's...and not to mention her unforgettable violet eyes. She was always full of grace and poise, and will be a beauty in my eyes forever, minus the constant scrutiny she faced in the press in past years for her basket full of ex husbands and near death experiences.

(Taylor in one of her most famous roles as Cleopatra)

Fame was never unfamiliar to Taylor. She's was a star from the minute she hit the movie screen at the age of 9 for her first film titled, "There's One Born Every Minute" with Universal Pictures. Although she got off to a rough start because she wasn't the full package of talent (including singing and dancing as well as acting), over the next few years she was groomed to become the world's next big Hollywood starlet. At the age of 12 she wowed the critics with her performance in MGM's National Velvet! And thats where it all begin...Who knew that would be her ticket to a life of over 60 years in the making in the TV & Film business. Some of her most notorious roles were in Cleopatra, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Raintree County, Giant, and her ongoing role on All My Children in the 70's along with many other films and work.

(pictured here with Paul Newman in a clip from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof)

Beside her acting career, she was also best known for being a passionate enthusiast of an unbelievable amount of fine jewelry. She owned some of the most expensive and luxurious pieces to date. (I'd love to see who receives that major parting gift in the will. All I have to say is they better be well taken care of and restored to be seen for years to come.) Most were given to her by her late husband and actor, Richard Burton, so she was always sporting the latest and greatest in diamonds. She owned quite a few well known pieces like the 33.19 carat Krupp diamond, the 69.2 carat pear shaped Taylor-Burton diamond, and last but not least the 50 carat pearl once owned by Mary I of England! Talk about a collection this is literally to die for! (no pun intended) She later went on to design for the Elizabeth Taylor collection and eventually wrote a book titled "My Love Affair with Jewelry" with many photographs of her personal collection..

(Taylor-Burton Diamond)

(Iconic pearl necklace once owned by Mary I)

In her life, she won 2 Academy Awards for Best Actress (which only a handful of other women in the history of the ceremony have also achieved.) She was named Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1999, received a humanitarian award for her contribution to HIV/AIDS research, as well as (in my opinion the most successful tribute), The Lifetime of Glamour award, which was given to her by the CFDA in 1997, among many other triumphs! Successful, beautiful, caring, and utterly fabulous. Need I say more?

I've gathered some of my favorite photos of her over the years in remembrance of this legendary goddess that may be gone, but will never be forgotten.

If there is one thing i'll always carry on from her lifetime to mine, it's that beauty always lies within the beholder and to always look your best, because you never know where you'll go or who will be watching..


Your extraordinary style and impeccably stunning jewelry collection will live on way beyond your years! See you in the afterlife, DIVA!

(one of my favorite roles of her as the witty mother in law on the new age Flintstones movie)

Put on a spritz of White Diamonds and seize the day. 


19 March 2011


(Wearing: Sally LaPointe top, Howl drawstring pants, Silence + Noise faux leather vest, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Tiffany's bean necklace, Thrifted turban & wayfarers)

The weather has been so strange lately in New York. One day it'll be pushing 60, and be warm/sunny, then the next day it will be raining with a low of 23. BLAH! but finally yesterday we got a piece of that Spring season we've been longing for ever since it left us last year. It got to 74 in the city and I was running Convent shop in the LES. I finally was able to wear a geometrically edgy outfit and not have to worry about covering myself in blankets to stay alive! I've been so busy this week. Doing so many up and coming projects I can't wait to talk about! I really think this is going to be a great year for me. Way to bring in the positive vibes! WOOP WOOP!

In other news:

I'm currently styling the up and coming summer issue for LoveCat magazine! It's an up and coming editorial print mag and will be available for buy around NYC/LA

A glance at all the amazing Manisha Arrora from New Delhi at Showroom Seven. I wasn't able to pull it because they were shipping it back to Paris, but I was just in awe!! Is that dress to the right made of film strips!?

(A detail shot of one of the many Manisha Arrora pieces! It's so intricate and full of color..i'm definitely feeling lots of color this season. I can't do black and white any longer!)

I ran like a chicken with my head cut off up and down Manhattan all this week doing pulls for the shoot with is inspired by punk icon, Nancy Spungen (the girlfriend of Sid Vicious in the 70's, but was murdered at the Chelsea Hotel and mystery was never quite solved). She was well known for her edgy looks and pissy attitudes. She may of been a pain back in the day, but that sassy girl inside her is what lives on and inspires us today.

Can't wait to show everyone the looks! It's gonna be epic!
Here is a litte sneak peek of whats to come! ;)


16 March 2011

Theodora & Callum + giveaway!

A few weeks ago during fashion week, I had the pleasure of stopping by the Theodora & Callum offices to check out the new collection for the spring/summer season! It was a rainy day and I was in all black, so I was joyous to be greeted by beautiful prints and bold colors for all of the latest accessories!

It's a fairly new brand focusing mostly on jewelry and scarves, but are also venturing into other categories such as shoes & bags!

(Here is an espradille sandal from the collection that is sure to brighten up anyones day!)

Sit back and take a visual tour through the brand with me!

The two women behind the brand are Stefani Greenfield and Desiree Gruber. They both share a love for collecting beautiful pieces from all over the world. That was the original reason they started the line...they wanted to share some of the treasures they've found while globetrotting over the years. They take inspiration from the places they've visited, and it shows in their work! From Bali to Morocco, these jet setters contribute to producing wearable art that is effortlessly chic at any age! Rather you're going to the beach or headed to the ball, Theodora & Callum have it all! 

I read in their intro that all the shoes and bags are manufactured by Stuart Weitzman. C'mon! WHATS NOT TO LOVE?

I could stare into these pendants for days. I love the attention to detail with each and every piece. 

The women have created an intimate and extremely personal collection. Each piece holds a memory to them, as it will with you. They strive on freedom of expression and like they always say "to each is own". 

They were kind enough to leave me with a parting gift to give away to one of my readers. It's the evil eye necklace from their new collection. 
Retail: $75.00
(Made of bronze plated zinc with crystals around the outer edge)

The evil eye has become a worldly recognized symbol, but mainly known in the Turkish culture to ward off negative energy or evil spirits that may come the way of a kind person. It's kind of like a good luck charm. Everyone should have an evil eye in their arsenal!

I'm gonna send it to one of my readers...

So take inspiration from the necklace and show me your best interpretation in a personal outfit of yours. I'll pick the winner, and will send you the piece! It comes in a cute little bag as well! :)

Send the entries to jaredallred@yahoo.com

Look forward to hearing from some of you!
I'll announce the winner in 2 weeks!
So get to styling! 

On a personal note, this is my 100th post! I'm so happy to have kept my blog going this long! And cant wait for many more posts in the future! I keep blogging for the awesome people around the world that take time to check in and see whats up in my world! We all share a love for fashion..This is all for you!

For further viewing of the collection, or to call a piece your own...check out their website!


i'll leave you a few words from the fabulous ladies!