31 October 2010

If Barbie was a raver in 1996..


I tried to come up with a costume last minute (like always) and I came out looking like some Fifth Element wanna be Zenon girl of the 21st century meets raver barbie. But i loved it. :)

(White rabbit fur cropped jacket, BCBG tank dress, Target fishnets, Destroyer mod boots, Vintage jewelry, Cheap ugly disco sunglasses, Marc by Marc Jacobs pink cross over bag, MAC makeup)


Go out and scare the normals with your freakiness!

Ciao xx

30 October 2010

Down the rabbit hole..

(Michael Kors coat, Zara equestrian pants, UO purple socks, Zara boots, Ray Ban sunglasses)

Ciao xx

29 October 2010

Daydreams in the Desert!

I recently did a photoshoot for a model's comp card at the Salt Flats in the vast open land in Sunny California!

This is a photo I took right as we arrived. The clouds were trying to break through and it was seriously the most beautiful moment life could capture. So peaceful out here. Just us and nature. The lighting later in the shoot was seriously amazing!

Here's a view at the looks I styled for the shoot from the wardrobe she provided! It's good aesthetic for a stylist to be able to adapt to any set of clothing given to them to use, and it really shows your ability to work in different environments and with what you have and still manage to present a satisfying product! 

And a little behind the scenes.... :)

Location: Salt Flats, Palmdale, CA
Model: Michelle Daniels
Photographer: Leigh Hopkins/Lindsay Cozart
Stylist/Presentation: Jared Allred

I'll leave you with the cloud formations...They were phenomenal right after a thunder storm!

Ciao! xx

26 October 2010



What I wore...

(Vintage Matador Jacket, Zara Equestrian Pants, Banana Republic Boots, Margiela Shirt, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Vintage Jewelry, Prada Mesh Bag)

Upclose of boots

Back/Front of Jacket

I loved attending the show! I saw the presentation he put on in NYC as well. I love the all white looks. Something out of a dream scape with that street edge. 

Ciao! xx

25 October 2010

Just a thought..

I really dig the whole appeal of doing the shows in the downtown warehouses for that industrial chic attitude.

But what I'm tired of is people saying LA is talentless and filled with dusty diamonds...THEY JUST NEED TO BE POLISHED. This is going to seem narcissistic but blunt and honest..Find the real talent instead of letting these trophy wives with an entertainment gig become designers. It doesn't work. The show wasn't worth mentioning. I attended the LE SS11 presentation..But there was a Bacardi hosted open bar and plenty of interesting people to talk to. It's back these Lauren Conrad look alikes that put together collections of simple pieces done in horrible taste with equally bad silhouettes. Why are you being invested in? And why are you getting ALL the perks? There is a term for this type of designing...MASS MARKETING. Don't advertise yourself for high end contemporary womenswear or haute couture if your look simply consists of a white pleated t-shirt thats going for $585. It just bugs me especially when they're are so many kick ass designers that are slipping under the radar! Please give them a chance to showcase their work!


A concerned patron of fashion


Ended up talking to the girls from Pretty Wild on E! They were pretty interesting and I kind of loved it. haha. They're mom is so sweet!

(Vintage Versace Jeans Couture printed denim, Jeffrey Campbell Rocker Wedges in black, Silk Barney's  black tank, Silence + Noise asymmetrical vest, Prada glasses, Marc by Marc Jacobs Bullet bag, and all vintage silver jewelry)

^^ This is me and my girl after the presentation. She walked in the show. It was a pretty fun event because of all the random but crazy different people that attended. 

We ended our night with a quick dinner at Bottega Louie downstairs below my loft. That is seriously the best restaurant ever. I'm going to miss it so much in NY. If you're ever in downtown LA, It's on the corner of 7th/Grand and is AMAZING. I recommend the Portobello Mushroom Fries & one of their signature salads! :) IT'S A MUST HAVE!

Ciao! xx

23 October 2010


Attended the Skingraft Spring/Summer 11' collection in LA on Tuesday night. AMAZING collection. The leathers are a dream come to reality. I love the dark mood that set the tone for the show. I took so many photos, especially action shots. :)

Show Steppin' style.

Ciao xx

15 October 2010


Sorry for the lack in updates, I've been in Miami since Wednesday and the wifi on this island of a state is horrible! But none the less it's been a fabulous little vacation away from home and i'm enjoying the weather and the lush foliage more then ever! The shopping and the food is awesome in this beach side city. I'm making my way over to the Versace mansion this weekend and all of South Beach just to check it off on my invisible bucket list in my brain. Ya know...it kind of baffles me how it's almost November and it's still warm and sunny here on the coast and people flock to the beach on a daily basis! Luckily we just barely missed the crazy hurricane Paula that's been forming off the coast of Cuba over the last few days and have had nothing but sunshine and cool breeze all week. I have even indulged in going for a few swims in the ocean while i've been here.

But I will say i'm starting to hate this whole living out of a suitcase business. I finally return to my home in Los Angeles on Monday after being gone for shortly over 2 months and I seriously can't wait to finally sleep in my bed again and see my garment racks of clothes in my own closet! I took account of the fact that when you travel, your taste in clothing changes as you arrive in each city and you regret not packing those small items that you figured you'd be fine without. I'm having a mid life crisis missing my pieces back in LA. I also find myself leaving things here and there between NYC with my friend Jen and back home with my parents in Texas. I'm making little closets everywhere I go! I wish I had someone to document my outfits while i've been here, it's kind of hard to take photos of yourself! But i'll figure it out before I leave! :)

Greetings from Sunny Isle Beach! I'll miss this little hideaway when I leave! And will definitely be back soon for some sun, surf, and sand...and shopping! haha

Ciao xx 

10 October 2010


While I was in NYC, I had a chance to visit one of my favorite boutiques nestled along side other great shopping in the LES. It's small and quaint, but holds some of the city's best gems in antique eyewear and hand selected vintage. 


You can spend hours in this haven! There are thousands of pairs to choose from rather you're looking for  prescription eyewear, sunglasses, or just a unique piece to add that pizazz to a look! They come from all over the world and many different era's, ranging from the 1800's on! A little history and fashion for your face! 

I wanted these white shades for the beach. They remind me of the ancient Japanese paper fans used all over Asia. Here's an accessory for your face! Statement piece for sure! Fanny's is definitely fabulous!

These are antiques from the early teen's (1910-1920). I would love to know who had the chance to wear these! They scream Marchesa Casati to me!

A few more treasures in store..

These shriner caps rule. So colorful! I want one!

If you're in the city and have some spare time to play dress up! Check em' out!

335 E. 9th St
New York, NY 10003

Ciao! xx

07 October 2010



Back in July I shot with Christina Von Messling for the Weltenbuerger Vintage store lookbook. The owner of the shop, Brian, is a great friend of mine and runs quite a dreamy boutique on the edge of Hollywood. They carry casual to contemporary vintage along with accessories and a small treasure of shoes. It was a great experience and I was so happy to be a part of the process of the collection. They graciously gave me the creative freedom to completely style the looks myself, and with a little teamwork, together we made magic! :)

We were going for a high fashion meets industrial grunge feel while contributing to the historic areas of LA with photography! I think we nailed it to a tee..

Check out the full coverage from the shoot with more details and tons of other photos at the link below! Enjoy!

 PS: These were just a few of the out takes that were my personal favorites! ;)

You can also check out more fashion photography from the talented CVM:

Thanks to Brian & Christina Von Messling for continuous support of all my fashion obsessions and mostly for making this all possible! Can't wait for our future endeavors together! 

Ciao! xx