30 March 2010

martinMARTIN show. LA Fashion Week A/W 2010

(Vintage lace top, Bergerley London leather pants, We Who See black suede wedges, XXI studded belt, vintage leather studded bag.)

The show was held downtown at the Spring Art Tower. I'm kind of sad with the loss of interest and funding of LA fashion week, I know it doesn't have a light in the dark compared to Paris or Milan but there is still plenty of emerging talent in the city! Anyways..enough about that. I loved the darkness of the collection. 

Some of my favorite looks:

I also stayed for the Battalion show and the Skingraft presentation!
Skingraft had a sheep-skin skirt that was absolutely stunning, I wanted to rip it off the model! Sooooooo gorgeous! And the new silhouette of the new wedge this season is kick-ass! Pictures soon!

Some more photos came in from one of my shoots done recently, I am really happy with the newest photo!

(Shirt made by myself, Silence + Noise leather leggings, Vintage platforms, XXI Studded belt)

(Vintage cheetah blazer, Metropark harem pants, We who see black suede wedges)

(Members Only Black & Purple fur vest, Alice + Olivia studded tank)

also... I was featured on Histyley.com!

(Silence + Noise faux leather vest, XXI jumpsuit, We who see black wedges, Vintage belt & turban)

I'm loving spring break! Being home with my family back in the south has been a nice change from the busy, never ending traffic and constant pace of life back in LA. Off to meet friends for a late lunch!


23 March 2010


Sorry for the late post, it's been a crazy 2 weeks with finals and the mishap of missing my flight home to Texas! I recently did a photoshoot with Ryan Burke and got some of the photos back. Here they are:

Vintage shirt and wrap

 Emanuel Ungaro blazer, Vintage pants, boots, and wrap

Tulle wrap by David Tran, Necklace; Vintage

Vintage batwing cape, Zara sequin jeans, Jeffrey Campbell lace up boots

Vintage bowtie, Studio G blazer

Armani pants, Vintage blazer, Forever 21 belt, Saks Fifth Avenue sequin Jacket, and vintage pants

" "

Alice + Olivia shirt

Complex Geometries Dress

(all clothes in shoot mine)

It was a really fun shoot I really loved the photos! It's been really fun working with him lately on a lot of projects. I went shopping at these really cool vintage boutiques around downtown and picked up alot of good finds. One including a great ready to wear Louis Vuitton piece! Pictures soon!

I've really been loving animal/tribal prints lately:

Tunic; Vintage, Riding Pants; Zara, Platform Boots; Vintage, Necklace; Bloomingdales, Saddlebag; Vintage

Had dinner tonight at Takami in downtown for the arrival of my friend Andrew back to America! (He goes to Central Saint Martin's in London). It was with Bo, Cody, Peaches and a friend, Juju, Andrews family and him! I loved it! The food was amazing, and the view was killer!

I'm attending the MartinMartin show tonight in LA at Fashion Week downtown. I'll be doing coverage of the show! I cant wait, it's gonna be really fun! Then off to Texas on wednesday to visit family! I'll have my favorite picks from Japan Fashion Week up asap!

Ciao lovers!

12 March 2010



The final show from the late Alexander McQueen was shown at a private viewing in Paris on March 9, 2010. With many references to skulls, angels, and religious iconography of the medieval times, McQueen created a collection of elegance and romanticism with influence of the Dark Ages and the silhouettes of the many periods of women before us. He also took to reference of many of his past collections and used collaboration for those in a more poetic justice for the his latest pieces. Some say there is ironic relevance to the recent events and his final collection. I almost feel like it's a stage of life from birth to death carrying on into afterlife with the choice of hues and many ornate details. The pieces were 80% completed at his time of death and at the presentation. I think if any, this collection established his well being of a couturier and really left his imprint on the fashion world.



I'm obsessed with the ice cube clad purses and ice block booted heels. Chanel is all about the details, and this collection sure follows what they're famous for. Branding and marketing Coco in any weather!


I loved this entire collection. I could dress like this every day if I had the means to own a wardrobe full of Hermes. Beautiful cuts! Very sleek and I love the whole persona they are giving off with this season.


Refined taste meets Parisian fashion - Valentino

I'm loving these pumps! They would look fabulous in complete nude hues!


Well thats it for now --Back to studying for finals! Spring break next week! Going to the South to visit family!